Makeup Makeup Makeup

Now I know I have said this before but this time is different, this time I mean it!

This time im actually going to learn more about make up and learn how to do it all myself! You heard it here first…again…..

In the past more often than not I have had my makeup done for me now don’t get me wrong I love it when a Mistress does my makeup and I can just sit back let them work their magic but its now time for me to properly learn for myself!

I should point out that I definitely am not a complete beginner and have some experience with makeup but im not happy enough to be able to give myself the sort of look I want. I know what I should do, I know the basics but then its just hard to actually do it and be happy with the end result. I have a bad habit of a lack of patience so I find it frustrating when im not good at something straight away. I know with this its largely now about practicing and then working on the smaller details, but i want to be good at it nooooooow.

So with all that in mind,  recently I realised I barely had any make up of my own now, so thought it was about time I fixed this and I when out (well, by out I mean online) and ordered quite abit! Now I feel like I have a good starting point for a make up collection so no more excuses I have to practice, practice, practice.

For me, I think its all about the eyes with make up, get the eyes right and you will look great, so this is where most of my practice will be. There are so many possible looks but the plan is start basic and work up from there.

The very basics of eye shadow is also something I don’t think im terrible at, I know how to mix and layer different colours to give quite a good look, but I want more.

I want better than quite a good look.

The smokey eye look is one of my favourites and its something I would like to master, but previous attempts have resembled some sort of very tired zoombie which is never a good look! This is most likely e a case of trying to run before I can walk, I do tend to do this too often! I really like the colours I picked for some of my new eye shadows so looking forward to experimenting there, the smokey eye look will have to wait for now.

Now the rest of my eyes have always been a struggle for me because I have a weird fear of my eyes being touched, weather that’s me or someone else doing the touching. This makes mascara difficult and eye liner almost impossible, but its something im working on. My brand new mascara looks great so that isn’t a problem (the only problem being how bloody expensive mascara is!!), plus I have been told a few times how guys seem to have naturally long eye lashes and im happy to say I am no exception there. However,  I personally think eye liner is the hardest thing to get right, every time I have tried it in the past i just haven’t been happy with how it looks so for now im just practicing that separately and not using it when I try the whole lot. I have also decided to avoid liquid eyeliner altogether for now but I will get there eventually I hope.

One of the things that has always bothered my a little is that I don’t have the best skin, I never have done, but I know I now have the right foundation, powder and concealer for my skin colour as I  went to Boots with Ely to get it tested on their skin colour make up matching machines (im sure it has a shorter name than that). I think im relatively comfortable in this part of the make up and am happy to use the foundation, powder and concealer to give a good look. Still room for improvement but so far so good.  The blusher I think is something I need to work on more, I need to practice focusing on cheek bones and how to enhance that look.

Lips are not a problem and at the moment I really like the darker red colour lips, I love how it looks with my blonde hair. Again this is just a starting point and lots more colours etc to keep experimenting with. I also came across this quote online recently and couldn’t agree more, I just had to add it in!

‘Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick’


I have also got myself a collection of make up brushes and have to be 100% honest here, I couldn’t tell you what they are all used for haha! Again I know the basics and I know enough to get by but will have to go into more detail as I learn more. I think Ely will have to go through these all a few times when I see her next!

Nails varnish never really appealed to me much in the past and am not the best at looking after my nails, but I have to say this is now changing, I’m beginning to see the appeal and liking the idea that painted nails can really help complete a outfit or look. I don’t have much experience here so its a learning curve and im starting right near the bottom but I am finding time to practice and will be making much more of an effort to look after my nails now, so I don’t think this will take too long to master….. What I like about nail varnish is that it doesn’t really matter if you go wrong, a bit of nail varnish remover and you can correct any mistakes. I only have the red and blue at the moment but im already looking at new colours to get :)

So lots to learn, lots to practice, and I havn’t even mentioned eyebrows. I have to keep telling myself I must be patient, im not going to become good at any of this overnight and that I  shouldn’t get frustrated with myself if I struggle with some parts, I will get there eventually!

Watch this space, this time im going to stick at it and really learn what im doing! Saying that, if any chances come up where I get to be made over by a Domme again im not going to say no ;)

JD x x

My 100th post

So when I posted my last blog post WordPress kindly informed me that it was my 99th post I had written for this blog. Now if my maths is correct, and im pretty sure it is, that would make this one number one hundred!

I can’t believe I have written 100 blog posts in just over 2 years, and whats more I have enjoyed writing everyone. I have gone from a very reluctant blogger at the start to someone who really enjoys blogging and now always trying to plan and think up new, different and hopefully exciting posts (mixed in with lots of pics of my arse with wasn’t really a planned thing haha)

Now I’m pretty sure know one has read all 100 posts, if you have im impressed, amazed and slightly worried in equal measure, and you should be rewarded with some sort of prize! So I thought to mark this momentous occasion I would look back and do my personal favourite top 5 blog posts and therefore no need for anyone to feel guilty and go back at read all of the posts…

All top 5 are personal favourites of mine for very different reasons and it was a close call between a few of the post (it’s so hard to pick 5 when I have written so many good posts……) So this is them.

1.‘Bobbing’ for Questions with Governess Ely

This one is a huge favourite because it was the first time I ever met Ely, I posted this one back in Feb 13 and since then Ely hasn’t been able to get rid of me :) I think it is one of the best ideas I have had for a blog, not only because it led me to meeting Ely but also because I think its a fascinating thing being able to have a small insight into the opinions of a Pro Domme on certain topics.

Governess Ely

2.English Mansion / Return to English Mansion

Ok so im cheating with this a little because it is actually two posts but thats because they are both about my visits to The English Mansion, and I loved both. English Mansion is Quite simply the best Femdom site I know of and I got to film with them twice (so far lol). Once with Lady Nina Birch which was an amazing experience and then a few months later Ely, which obviously I absolutely loved. The whole experience  and meeting everyone involved was a pleasure. I also think that going to the English mansion to film, especially the first visit, really boosted my confidence and kind of felt it was a bit of a turning point for my journey into exploring the world of kink!

3.The Adventures of Jessica Dee – Part I

Whereas the first two on this list on largely on there because they were blogs about things that were very important to me, this one is very different. The adventures of Jessica Dee – Part I is on the list because it was something very different to any previous blogs. It was something I actually put quite a lot of time into and despite doing it on a free picture editing website, I was really pleased with how it looked when finished. Its basically a made up ‘cartoon’ strip type post, made of of afew different pictures of myself and following a very rough storyline. The eagle eyed people will have noticed I called this Part I, the reason being that I loved making it so much I planned to do a couple more in the future, and I still do once I can think up some ideas…


4.So, are you dressed right now?

Again this one makes the list for different reasons to the previous ones. This one is here because its about something that at the time really bugged me, and actually still bugs me today. This was largely about about my dressing, how often I dress and the fact I don’t do it all the time etc. I’m sure most crossdressers out there have been asked the question ‘are you dress right now’ so many times and personally if that’s one of the first questions you want to ask me then it’s more than likely we wont get on! I also tried to explain my answer on the blog in a slightly different way, by showing my shoe collection. lol



This is the newest post on my top 5 as I only posted it a couple of weeks ago, but it really enjoyed writing it and everything involved with this post. I wrote this post after seeing some pictures online about spanking and I thought I would do my own version. I gave abit of a review of all sorts of hitty things and best of all the day before I posted this post I got to have a ‘refresher’ in every implement used just so it was fresh in my mind. I have said it so many times before but I will say it again, im a big fan of spanking and after writing this post I actually felt I had written an informative post about quite a popular topic within BDSM. I think that might have been the first time I really felt like I have been able to do this fully, as my experience and confidence grows I hope to be able to do that more often.

Spank chartHope you enjoy the posts and if you feel like I should have included any other posts I would love to hear what you think :)

JD x x

Ely’s Special Girl

Last week I had another very nice surprise, something happened that I had been looking forward to for a long time, in fact something I had been looking forward to since the summer.

I found out that the video of me and Ely was added to The English Mansion website :)

Elys special girl

I did the filming for this in the summer and wrote a blog about it here- Return to English Mansion, but I had previously only seen a couple of pictures from the day that we did the filming so have been wanting to see how the rest looked before I had even changed after finished filming. Yes I know, patience is not my strong point!

This is the second clip I have been lucky enough to be involved with on English Mansion and both of which I loved doing, I loved going to visit and film the videos, I loved the pictures, and I loved the videos (still yet to see the whole of this one with Ely though). I also loved being able to do this with Ely, I know it was something she had wanted to do for a while and me being able to be there and do it with her was a real pleasure.

Filming with Ely was a huge amount of fun as well,  I got to dress up outside in the glorious sunshine (which was a first for me,and even got a few strappy sunburn marks!) I felt very at ease and it really did just feel like it was just me and Ely playing as normal for most of it. Was another amazing day and actually this was the day I fully found out my nipples and nipple clamps are not friends!

Something also happened with punishment pants but no need to talk about that (or show pictures of that on here) If you want to know about them you will have to go watch the video!

Hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed doing it :)

JD x x

Interviewed by TsCaramel

Ever wanted to hear my thoughts on certain parts of bdsm and abit about how I got into it and how I ended up doing some of the things I have done?

Yes, I hear you cry……..

Well today is your lucky day. I will explain from the beginning. :)

Not too long ago I was having a look at my blog viewer stats and I saw a reference to a site I had not seen before so being curious to see how this site ended up having a link to my blog I decided I had to go have a noosey. I couldn’t have been happier with what I found because once I had clicked on the link I found myself on TsCaramels website, and what a site it is.

The site is like a fountain of everything trans/tgirl/crossdresser on the internet with links and reviews of countless sites, some of which I had heard of and some of which I hadnt. There were also lots of interviews of trans/tgirl/crossdressers and people within the industry that Caramel has done, again some of which I had heard of, some of which I hadn’t. All of which sounded and looked great. It seems like Caramel knows everyone!

Finding the post that linked to my blog was easy, as I scrolled down and slightly to my surprise, I was greeted with a picture of me and Lady Nina Birch from my first trip to English Mansion.

This obviously grabbed my attention.

What I really liked was the fact that Caramel had mentioned she had come across my blog and liked it and liked my writing and then saw I had done a little bit of filming one of her favourite sites (English Mansion). I was a little surprised to say the least that there was my blog link on a site that reviewed and interviewed some very well known people but then again, I guess that is the power of The English Mansion, it really is that big a site! I was still very flattered.

I ended up messaging Caramel on twitter to say thanks for linking and liking my blog and we ended up chatting abit until I was asked if i would like to be interviewed for her site. Now to start with I wasn’t sure I was the right person for this being so inexperienced compared to the other interviews I had read, but I have to admit I liked the idea. So without too much persuading I happily agreed, and before long Caramel was emailing me afew questions.

Some of these questions really made me think and on some of the question this was the first time I had written down what I thought about certain topics, which is most definitely a good thing. However it can also its a little nerve wracking having your opinions out there for anyone and everyone to see, saying that I have kind of leart to like that, I mean I do it here enough, and its actually a great way of improving confidence.

You can find my interview here and I am really pleased with how it sounded and looked on the site and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Make sure you take a look around the whole website while your there as well, there are some really good interviews of some stunning girls . I’m slowly working my way through them myself at the moment and to be honest I don’t think I have ever known more about who’s who within the trans adult world than I do now!

That just leaves me to say a big thank you again to Caramel for asking me to do the interview and wanting to post the interview with me up her site in the first place, so Thank you caramel, it was a real pleasure! x

‘Caramel’s Interview With Jessica Dee’

(just in case you missed the other links there they are again haha)

JD x x

Spanks of Love

Last week I spent the week up in Blackburn with Ely and had a fantastic week, had lots of fun both kink and none kink. The week went way too quick and im really not lying when I say I did not want to come home on the Friday!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore everyone by blogging about the whole week, plus somethings are just not for blogs. I do want to talk about one of the days though, which was the day we played and dressed up for almost the whole day, my personal favourite day of the week :)

For those that don’t know, Ely has a great big play room/dressing room at her place and we both spend a long time deciding what to wear, some longer than others but im not going to name names ;) .  Ely decided that she would like to see me in my blue Alice dress as it had been a while, so with the addition of all white lingerie and stocking I was actually ready first so then tried to ‘help’ Ely decide what to wear. (Apparently if you suggest latex over and over again it doesn’t mean she will wear it lol) Ely decided on all black. Thigh high boots, black top and jeans and a black corset to complete the all black outfit. She looked amazing! Ely also wore my blond wig which left me to try afew other colours. Its very rare to see me in anything but the long blonde wig, but I picked a shorter brunette wig which I now really like and want to buy my own now! I have decided I should experiment more with wigs now!

Once dressed the first thing Ely picked up was some rope, now this always puts a huge smile on my face so when Ely told me to put my wrists together and hold my hands out in front of me, I was almost doing it before she even opened her mouth! My wrist were then tied and I was gagged with a ball gag, which I also love (running theme throughout the day).

I found out just how much Ely likes someone gagged and after a while drooling from the gag, which did happen. One of my favourite parts of the whole week with Ely was seeing her physically light up at the sight of me on my knees in front of her, tied and gagged and very happily under her control, it was at that stage that I didn’t want this to stop. Also being told how cute I looked helped as well!

While I was still gagged and tied Ely decided this would be a good time to try a bit of anal play with a mixture of my own toys (yes I have a few) and Ely’s toys. Having been in chastity a long time at this stage, all im going to say is I really wanted this! We then did something I have wanted to do for a long time with Ely and that was strap on. Its safe to say im not very experienced with this but I hope this was the first of many times. Hint hint Ely if your reading!

We then took a little break but the fun wasn’t over for the night as we were back in the play room not long after and Ely had her cane in hand. I had said earlier how I would like to go home with a few bruises and Ely was only too happy to help there. Now I have said this before but I will say it again, im a bit of a wimp with the cane, and Ely knows this. She also knows im a bit out of practice with it but she knows better than anyone how far to push me. I think she did push me a little with this caning and looking back im very glad she did, the feeling after a caning is almost incomparable, its something I really am starting to love.

The feeling after this caning was incredible.

Ely didn’t disappoint on the bruises front either, got some very nice stripes on my bum from two different canes that were used, plus I got 12 hits with the back of a hairbrush which gave my favourite bruise ever, a cute heart shaped on my left cheek :)

Oh and I got let out of chastity as well!!

JD x x


A blog post all about spanking, cue excited face!

Spanking has been one of my favourite things ever since I first had the pleasure of bending over and having my bum turned a nice shade of red, which was many many months ago now. I love the whole thing, having my dress pulled up (or trousers pulled down), having my underwear pulled down (or up), the warming up, slowly building up the intensity, the changes of speed and rhythm, the differences in how each implement feels, the closeness and intimacy of an over the knee spanking, the after care and of course the glow I have afterwards both in colour and how I feel.

Big smile just thinking about that now :)

So what brought on all this talk of spanking I hear you ask, well apart the whole any excuse to talk about spanking thing, the reason I started doing this post was because a came across some pictures all about spanking and I wanted to share them and give a little nit of my opinion on the subject. I should point out to make it 100% clear, I didn’t make these, just saw them online and thought they looked really good. So who ever did make these pictures, a big thank you to you!

Well sexy spanking is most likely everyone’s favourite and im no exception there. Although, I would still class a lot of spankings as sexy spanking even if it doesn’t end in immediate sexual gratification. The closeness and intimacy that can come from an over the knee spanking and the slow build up intensity, mixed with rubbing, touching, stroking, that’s still a very sexy spanking to me. I also really enjoy the playful side as I like to have that in all aspects of BDSM.

In terms of punishment spanking, I can honestly say I have never had one, too prefect a sub to be punished, that’s the only explanation for that that I can think of…..

I think almost all spanking has an aspect of therapy spanking involved, I personal find a lot of spankings can act as a release and the buzz I feel afterwards can keep me in a good mood for a long long time.

In terms of roleplay spanking, I guess the closest thing to that would be when spanking fully dressed as Jess, I do act differently when fully dressed and this is not something I plan to do, it just kind of happens. If anything I enjoy spanking even more so when fully dressed. I do like the idea of doing more different role plays. School girl and teacher springs to mind!

I’m going to class this as more of the whips, floggers and canes rather than a straight forward spank. This is something im enjoying more and more each time I do it.  I LOVE the marks and bruises, especially if they last a few days. I like seeing and feeling them and thinking back to how I felt when it was happening. Luckily I bruise very easily so doesn’t take much for this to happen :)

I loved this chart as soon as I saw it and love the whole idea of it, but as it says everybody is different and have there own pain tolerances, everybody marks differently, and everybody enjoys different implements differently. So instead of the chart I have done my own home made version of the chart, the big different I have changed though is the pain ratings. I have changed it to either a thuddy or stingy type of pain. Being the kind and caring person that she is Ely kindly offered to refresh my memory on how each felt by using all of them on me last night

gloved hand Gloved Hand

Sting – 3. Marks – Very light Reddening


bigwoodenpaddle Wooden Paddle

Thud – 7. Marks – Large red patches

paddlehole Plastic Paddle with Holes

Sting – 5. Marks – Red patches


brush Wooden Brush (Onslaw)

Thud – 7. Marks – Red patches and Bruising

wooden spoon Wooden Spoon

Sting – 5. Marks Bright round, red patches


strap2 Plastic Strap

Thud – 6. Marks – light red patches


shoes Shoe

Thud – 3. Marks – very light patches

cane1Dragon Cane

Sting – 10. Marks – Bright red welts

cane2 Cane

Thud – 10. Marks – Bring red welts, bruises


Thud – 6. Marks – large red strap marks

tawse Tawse

Thud – 9. Marks – Very red marks and bruising


Sting – 6. Marks – lots of small red strap marks


riding cropRiding Crop

Sting – 7. Marks – Very red patches

As well as the implements from the originally chart there were afew more added.

Homemade1 Homemade Beater

Sting/Thud 7. Marks – I couldnt tell by this stage as everything was bright red! (It would leave a heart shaped pattern though if this was used before anything else)


whip ish Quirt

Sting – 9.5. Marks – very red/purple stripes (Ely had switched her aim more to my thighs now as the bum was very red)

I think at the moment I prefer the thuddy type of pain to the stingy type. I also think the psychological side of things can play a big part. For me I have always had a thing about the cane, its always given me more fear than anything else.  I think because of this I can build it up in my head so that it can seems even worse when it comes to it being used on me. I’m sure that happens with other people and with a range of different implements.

JD x x

Happy Second Birthday Blog!

I cant believe how quickly this has come around again but its been a another year of doing this blog, my blog is two years old today :)

two-Years-Old2Just like like year, I feel this has been another good year for me, another year where I have experienced some amazing times (and the occasional not so amazing) and another year where im left still wanting to try so much more! I should say that I do feel think the fact im wanting to try much more is a good thing, means I intend to keep pushing myself, keep trying to search out new and exciting experiences, keep trying new fetishes and keep blogging about them (yay i hear you cry!)

Just like I wrote on the first happy birthday blog some of my highlights are very similar but just bigger/better/more enjoyable and more often!

  • I have continued to meet even more amazing people and in the last year I have met some Mistress’s I never though would happen.
  • I have been to afew more clubs, pedestal a handful of times and Sanctum.
  • I did abit more filming and photos, photos with Miss Kitty Bliss and filming with English Mansion, Twice!
  • I continue to experience new kinks/fetishes and general BDSM fun.

The biggest thing that has changed for me since my last birthday blog is meeting Governess Ely and my relationship with her, both with BDSM and also as a close friend :)

I kind of count the start of the blog as roughly the time I feel like I actually got involved with the kink lifestyle and I find it amazing that that has now been two years. Bring on year number 3!!

Again just like last year the list of countries that people view my blog from still doesnt fail to surprise, so thought I would share again.

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JD x x