My 2016 – Highs, lows and unforgettable experiences


Well 2016 is coming to an end and I thought I would do a fairly quick review of my year and what happened for me. I want to start by saying 2016 was a huge year for me in terms of me growing as a person, me learning about myself and my kinks and getting closer to working out what it is I really want from all this. This is a huge positive thing for me.

So the year itself has flown by (huge cliche I know but it is true) but its been another very eventful year, filled with some incredible highs, some horrible lows and some experiences I will never forget. some of the main events included

  • I met a girl who I fell for who was an amazing friend/Domme and lots of things in between.
  • I started to explore my switch side.
  • I started to explore what it really means to be sub and what I really can and cant do.
  • I found out the above is difficult!
  • I stopped seeing a girl I really really liked.
  • I realised that it can take a lot longer than expected to get over someone.
  • I attended the Femdom ball.
  • I filmed with with my two favourite producers of Femdom videos again; English Mansion and The House of Sinn.
  • I did some brand new things on film away from Femdom.
  • I interviewed a couple of fantastic women.
  • I started making some of my own clips.
  • I opened a clip store.
  • I realised there is a lot more to making clips than just the filming!


What is really good about this year is even though I have had ups and down, I am ending the year feeling more excited and enthusiastic about my kink side of things than I have done for quite a while. 2017 is going to be eventful and is going to be very very exciting, watch this space!

JD x x


Happy Christmas 2016!

Once again this blog post is just further evidence that you can put a Christmas hat on any pic and it turns into the perfect Christmas card image!

So basically just a great big Happy Christmas (or three) from me to you, and a really big thank you to everyone that reads and enjoys this blog!


JD x x

Interview with Miss Petite

That’s right all you lucky people, the interviews are back and back with a bang with this fantastic interview with Miss Petite. For those of you that don’t know Miss Petite is currently based in Thailand but from you UK and plans to move back soon, she offers both online webcam based sessions as well real time sessions. But that’s enough from me, Miss Petite explains all below.

Hope you enjoy the read
How did you first get into the world of kink, is it something that was always an interest?
Yes, I have always been very open-minded and experimental in regards to sex and kink in previous relationships and partners. I stumbled across webcamming one day when a girl I was kinda hooking up with told me about the website Adultwork. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist too and a bit of a cock tease so thought what the heck let’s give this webcam thing a go. So that’s how it began, me teasing men on webcam, naturally leading to a more dominant persona on cam and learning more about BDSM as guys on cam were interested in having a ‘new girl’ dominate them. I learnt all the abbreviations and fetishes etc. through sessions with my online slaves and watching and reading as much as I could from Femdom pornography/twitter/books. I became more and more interested in the actual activities and learnt more about things I may have known about but not indulged in properly and the great thing is that I am still learning about kink and fetish everyday.

How did you first get in being a Pro Domme, was it something that you always wanted to try, did it happen quite quickly after getting into kink?
As I answered in the previous question, I started out on webcam. My sessions naturally progressed to Femdom and Fetish and it got to a point where I felt it was time to get out from out of my computer and try doing these things I enjoyed on cam in Real Time sessions as a ‘proper’ Pro Domme. I had only played in private before and in particular with a friend of mine who was also a play slave, who I played with at home and sometimes I would use her on webcam.
So one day me and her, both into kink, decided to go along to our first fetish event to see if this was the kinda thing I could see myself doing. And of course it was! I met some great people who were very welcoming and I knew that starting real time sessions was next on my agenda and went on to seeing some boys who I had had endless sessions with on webcam, come serve me in my flat in all manners of ways! It probably took me about a year figuring myself out and ‘finding myself’ That sounds cheesy but it took about a year, for me to step out to real time sessions from webcamming.

What is your favourite thing about being a pro Domme?
Money money money…. nah…(I wish!)
Definitely the confidence I have gained. The ability to be creative and explore new things/kinks/fetishes. The friends, relationships I’ve made and wonderful interesting people I have met and want to meet.
Oh and the clothes. I love the dressing up part, all the fetish gear! Getting to kick boys in the balls! And having boys lusting after me always.

What was your worst/best previous job before being a Domme?
I’ve never had a really bad job like cleaning toilets or wiping old people’s arses. My best was working in a fish and chip shop from the age of 14, not gunna’ lie, cos of all the free food and I was earning money, cash in hand while my mates were out making sprogs and getting drunk in the park. It was great cos I would work a few days after school then get the train up to Camden market every Sunday to spend my wages on clothes and food and just hang out in Camden.
So that was the best really. The only bad job really was when I worked in London, doing the job I had always wanted but feeling a bit meh about it in the end, the commute was insane, I had no social life and was in a boring as fuck relationship…Funnily enough I started webcamming only a few months after I ended that one and jacked that job in to do this full time.

How can a submissive contact you to arrange a session?
Fill out my application form on my contact page on my website and follow me on twitter @miss_petite_ for all updates etc

What can a client expect from you in their first visit to see you?
Professionalism, creativity, no bullshit and I take no bullshit either. They will see I definitely live up to my name as I am indeed very small and get commented on that a lot, ‘Oh you ARE really small.’ They will see that I really enjoy what I do and am always up for a laugh (loooove humiliation sessions) and like to have fun in my sessions.

I know you do a mixture of webcam and realtime session, do you enjoy both of them equally and where can people find you on webcam?
You can find me on webcam on a few websites, Adultwork, Saucytime, Babestationscams, all links to my profiles on my website,
I love both cam and real time. I prefer real time though, I have to admit as it can be hard sometimes to really get into a session on cam when you really wanna squeeze the boy’s balls on the screen in front of you. It can be frustrating and you do have to put up with a lot of guys not understanding BDSM on cam. But I do have some boys I session with regularly that I really enjoy sessioning with and have a great connection with, and I would no doubt session with if I was in the UK. I like to play games on cam to keep things interesting which makes it very fun and I understand that there are some guys out there who would never have the guts to have a real time sesh so a cam sesh is a great escape for them to live some fantasies they have and some are best left on a webcam chat room! haha
But yes I do get that amazing buzz more after a good real time session. I actually had one guy before session with me loads on cam turn up for a real time session and had to call the session short after fifteen minutes as he was too nervous to go through with it as he felt he was cheating on his girlfriend doing it in person rather than on cam. I turned from Domme to counsellor in that short time sending him on his way with some advice to maybe tell his girlfriend that he was into nipple torture amongst other things. He came back on cam for a while after stil to sesison and apologise over and over but havent seen him for over a year now. So it shows that webcam and real time cater to all types.

Do you have your own personal website or websites? Which other social media sites do you like to use?

  • I only use twitter @miss_petite_
  • I used to have snapchat but got bored
  • I have Fetlife too MissPetite

Are you looking for a personal sub?
Nope, I get asked this a lot and when I am back in the UK I might find myself an in house sissy/ forced bi boy and maybe a domestic boy, but I’m so fussy and house-proud so will have to make sure that lucky maid is of my standards, running around doing errands and cleaning etc. I also keep getting ridiculous requests of late from subs wanting to be in my place 24 hours a day. I’m sorry but I would like to eat, sleep and poop in my own company and have some normalcy and privacy outside of kink with my boyfriend and friends. I barely get any time away from the endless email, phone calls, messages anyway. Maybe if I get a cage for them to sleep in, I may allow sleepovers with boys, maybe a cuck bitch as me and my partner both enjoy that kink.

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment/favourite toy?
Actually, the most fun sessions I have are when I have nothing or am somewhere where I have to use what is around me or if it is on cam, what I can see in their room in the background. I get to be most creative then and actually haven’t sessioned much from an actual dungeon especially being here in BKK, I have only recently found a safe dungeon to session from. It is hard to get equipment here and I didn’t bring much with me so I got crafty and made floggers myself out of Para cord which leave a nice sting.
I like a good collar and leash, and a trip around the hardwear/homeware sections in shops here are where the good stuff is. Simple things like ropes, clothes pegs, a cheese grater can be fun! Haha

What is your favourite fetish outfit to wear?
Whatever I feel comfortable in that day, I love latex and have a nice little collection now but am restricted in wearing it as very very hot here, too hot to wear sometimes. Otherwise I like wearing as little as possible, just a nice bra and panties or I have a lot of very revealing fishnet mini dresses which look hot and are comfy too.
Anything fishnet really and black. I love super shiny leggings too as my arse looks great in a pair!

What is your favourite type of play during a session, or favourite activities? Both for realtime and webcam if different?
I really like twisted humiliation things, things I might only think of during the session as I am going with the flow. I try not to plan my RT sessions too much, obviously, respecting hard limits though. I do love cbt on webcam and I am obsessed with forced bi and making guys suck each others willies! I love ball busting, it’s all about the slapping and in-pain yelps from the subs for me. That’s why on webcam I insist I can hear them whilst they are inflicting pain on their dangly bits with my instructions. I can also be quite immature in my humiliation sessions, so the swirlie is a fav of mine. Human ashtray, ok there’s loads I like can’t think of one. Full on sissy makeovers are great fun. There are some things though on webcam I would never do in person so I get to indulge in a bit of fantasy chat there, like castration and hard sports (never say never though on that one lol)

What are the best qualities you look for in a sub? Is that different between a personal sub and one that books a session?
I don’t have any personal subs, but for any sub serving me or hoping to, it would be the obvious, they would need manners, respect, honesty, reliability, willingness and to respect my boundaries.

If you could give one piece of advice to a sub what would it be?
Don’t be a needy sub. I don’t want to be pestered by you. If I want you for something I will tell you. And don’t waste my time/let me down, be honest if you can’t make a session/chicken out. I’m very stubborn and don’t give out second chances. They must also understand that I have a real life outside of this too and am not available to do what they wish/charge what they want 24 hours a day at 5 mins notice/reply to a message. And don’t ask too many questions about my personal life. I had a RT boy recently who went out of his way to befriend a friend of mine who then arranged to go out for drinks with and kept asking if me and my boyfriend would like to come out for drinks all the time. Safe to say he’s no longer serving me…block!

What are the top 3 mistakes you find a sub makes with you?
I do a lot of online work more where I am based so no 1 is simply not taking note of my profile and what I do. If they are new but have no idea what they are even remotely interested in, that can be irritating. Do some research at least rather than come in my webcam room and type ‘dominate me’
Same goes for those new to real time, ‘I’m new, what would you suggest for a beginner…?’ Erm…. Ballbusting… you need to have a bit of an idea as to what you are interested in and paying for I might add!
Oh also, ‘I will do anything, Mistress.’ Okay, so you have any hard limits? ‘No, anything.’ Okay, then shit your pants and eat it….. ‘eww no, not that!!’ So you won’t do anything then?!
‘Your too cute to be a Femdom’ (happens rarely but some think there’s just a cliché look dominatrixes should have and that’s simply not true. Everyone has their
individual and unique style which is what I love about Femdom and they have what works for them. I actually use my ‘cuteness’ to get what I want even more anyway .

Do you have a different approach to male/female subs or crossdressers? Do you see female subs?
I actually started out Domming my female friend. I don’t get female subs emailing for real time sessions but I hope to do sessions/filming in the future with more female subs and maybe dare I say it and shock you but I would be interested in subbing to a Mistress I really admire. There are a few I am in awe of and would like to experience it from the other side properly. Its weird though as I don’t get off or excited about the thought of subbing in a proper BDSM scene/dungeon to a male Master but to a confident Mistress who is powerful and is very sensual then the idea sounds hot. Would like to experience that, though not humiliation. Personally my taste for Girl on Girl Domination sessions are more sensual, some pain but I don’t like to humiliation or verbally abusing the girl which I see more of in Male/Fem scenes, which is not to my taste. Though when I dominate men in my sessions I am all for humiliating the fuck out of them! Crossdressers in my sessions I will use and abuse the same way I will with my non crossdressing subs, though some become more those you can have a good chat with and I like a ‘sub’ crossdresser who has a deviant side and wants to dominate a bit so we can team up and abuse the boys together! That’s fun.

I have seen you have been called ‘The Goddess of games’ because of your creativity and the games you plan on webcam, what sort of thing does this involve,
could you give an quick run through of a favourite of your?

It all started because I love giving out tasks to my boys on cam and making them perform for me. I had a list I used to write down of ideas of painful and humiliating tasks for them but the list just grew and grew and one day I got the idea to make them into a game, which became Humiliation Roulette. Later came pain Roulette, Wanker’s Roulette and Findom roulette. I even had a Wheel of Torment which was a huge spinning wheel of tasks, a cum tax game and I used to have a Femdomopoly game I would play on cam. Am always coming up with new ones and updating them.
Humiliation Roulette is basically 100 I think now tasks, ranging from CEI to mild CBT (Pain Roulette for the hardcode Pain Sluts) Sissification (Oh there’s Sissy Commandments too now! So many games) to Watersports, branding and just basically nasty degrading tasks, some more extreme than others. With over 100 tasks there’s a lot of scope for creativity and variation. When a boy wants to play he must have his webcam working so I can see him and he picks a number from 1-00 say for HR, I show him the task and he then has the option to play or pass that task. Some tasks might be a hard limit, which is why this game is good to get to know new boys and how willing they are and all about them, they might pass as they don’t have that item in their vicinity or they just don’t wanna do it, but they only get 3 passes and after they have used them all up, the have to complete the next tasks card no matter how bad it is. The other Roulette games work in the same way, the Pain Roulette one is mostly CBT and spankings & nipple torture with different object/number of slap, spankings etc. Findom Roulette is obvs Financial tasks so wishlist clearing, tipping certain amounts. My Wankers Roulette is very popular too which is a wanking orgasm control game, lots of stopping, starting, and tease and denial. These games just make webcam sessions for me and the subs more fun and interesting. I get to use my creativity. Pain Roulette is definitely my favourite though.

You are based in Thailand at the moment, what is the kink scene like there?
Do you plan on returning to the UK any time?

There is a tiny kink scene. I have attended some of their fetish parties but there weren’t enough male subs there for me, lots of male masters and female subs and it is lifestylers who I got a sense from and it was brought up too in their group chats a few times, that they weren’t keen on Pro Dommes who charge for their time (typical) so I kinda keep myself to myself and don’t have much to do with them now. It is very underground here, despite that kink group and I have to say some of them are very talented in their skills in terms of needle play and caning, but that’s the only kink group that I am aware of that I have found. It’s very different here as lots of things here are only for the sexpats and aren’t genuine. There a couple BDSM/Fetish clubs which I have not been to but have had mixed reviews from my friends and subs. A lot of fetish bars here are just about getting your money and buying ‘lady drinks.’
Bangkok is a man’s Disneyland as I always say so they can pretty much have and pay for whatever they want so the lines get blurred (as I experience daily from what guys here expect of me for a RT session in contacting me) between Femdom and escorting. I am planning my return to the Uk and hope to be back next year. The lack of ‘scene is definitely one reason for it. There’s not enough for me to grow here a as Femdom in my career, and can be very lonely being as far as I am aware the only British Domme here. There is also no where to buy equipment, toys (unless you want a vibrating strap on Made In China that might blow up inside you, bought from the naughty night markets!)

Who would you most like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, or who would you love to work with again?
There’s loads of people. What some people don’t know is that I only actually did about 4 months of RT before I packed up and took up the opportunity that came up to come here to Thailand so when I am back there are lots of Mistresses I admire that I would love to arrange to work with if possible. There are also activities I don’t have experience in that I want to try so will seek advice and training in those areas too such as Needle Play, Rope work and Estim. I was lucky enough since being here able to meet up with Goddess Anastaxia (who’s coming here again this week) and Princess Almighty that I would love to meet again. I actually met up with a lot of other adult ind girls since being here which is crazy actually not all Dommes but, met up had drinks with Ava Austen, Nikki Flux, Yuffie Yulan who were here on holiday. It really helps to talk to others in the same industry so you can have a good old bitch and moan and share advice. I do more webcam work here which can be lonely so looking forward to being able to have more opportunities to meet others in the industry when I am back in the UK. I also have my WhatsApp group of girls in my Vegan Filth Club who help me get through days a lot which helps and will definitely will be organising a meet up with all for them when I am back (Miss Delores, Miss Louise Kay, Fetish Beauvoir and Sultry Olivia)

Do you use music for sessions, if so what sort of music do you like to have for session?
Yes I love having music on in my sessions and it really varies, I have quite an eclectic taste. Most might have seen the cheese range of music I like to use for my dick dancing sessions on cam to all kinds of songs like Madonna and Britney spears. I do like a bit of Elvis shake rattle and roll whilst I have a sub covered in in clothes pegs and nipple clamps shake around like crazy with them all pinching him as he shimmies, very fun to sit with my feet up and watch. But general kinda music in the background; I enjoy Rage against the Machine, classical kinda chill out. I like Grimes, Massive Attack, NOFX, Some aggressive heavy Punk or Metal, Metallica, Marilyn Manson but then sometimes I will fancy a bit of funky house kinda stuff, so totally dependant on my mood, the type of session.

Where do you get your inspiration for sessions?
I really have no idea, I literally just lie in bed trying to get to sleep and I am coming up with new ideas and Femdom fantasies in my head. Its dangerous. I have always been creative with my background and so my imagination just runs world. I am obviously inspired by other amazing Femdoms I see on Twitter etc. that I see do things and I think, wow I wanna try that. Most of the time, I just go with the flow and surprise myself a lot by some of the things I come up with, especially in regards to humiliation. I get new ideas as I am talking to subs online and if I had more time I would love to write erotic Femdom Fiction about those scenarios in my head.

What is your favourite BDSM or Kink website/blog?
I don’t really have one, I guess twitter is a great way to connect with other kinksters, and I read blogs from other Dommes linked from there. I recently read some really good blog entries from Miss Marilyn, Nikki Whiplash and Mistress Evilyne which were spot on with the kind of BTS of being a Femdom and I could relate to them so Twitter is great for connecting. In terms of proper kink kinda websites, I use Fetlife sometimes, I recently also started listening to Secret Radio, a kinky radio station which is really good and would like to listen to more but cos of the time difference, I miss it live a lot but catch up on their playlist.

If you could have one male and one female Celeb to be your sub for the day who would they be?
This took me a while to think about as even when I’m asked what male/female celebs do you fancy, I have different taste from the norm I think and go for guys that are sometimes, ugly sexy. I mean I never like brad Pitt until he got old and grey. Plus I love a dad bod and facial hair (not a full on beard). I am to be totally obsessed with Ray Liotta and Joaquin Phoenix but I wanna just wanna fuck, them not dominate them in a session. So I had a long old think and male to sub, I would say Fat Mike from NOFX as he is actually sub to his wife who is a Pro Domme and they have a dungeon in LA and I have seen him in interviews before and love his blasé approach to crossdressing, so cool and laid back about which is great to here out in the vanilla world, plus he’s funny as fuck so would be a fun session. His dungeon in LA is what inspired my current camroom backdrop of old 70s punk posters. Female…hmm, I’m trying to think of hot cute girls and I’m thinking of that girl from Twilight Kirsten Stewart but only cos I wanna slap a mile on her face. Okay, just thought…any of the girls from Little Mix. Would love to tie them up and grope and spank them! (perve!)  

What are some of you favourite things to do away from bdsm?
Sleep, if I get the chance. I like to get out the house and just walk around a park or take a picnic. Alone time (away from my computer perverts) is so important to me so I like to go on little adventure on my own or sometimes with friends but that’s sometimes hard as our schedules are all different and they don’t really get what I do. Obviously in Thailand right now, I like exploring the city. I am also really into organising and do creative stuff so always have a project going whether it being customising some jeans, making homemade beauty products or buying new foods I haven’t tried to cook with.

JD x x

Femdom Ball 2016

If you read this blog the chances are you are in some way into Femdom, and if you are into Femdom in some way then unless you have been hiding in a cave, in a box, with your fingers in your ears and a blindfold on for the last few months you were probably aware that the Femdom ball took place in London in October. Well I was very happy to be in attendance and just like last year I was there as a helper for the night so if you were not able to attend or you were there and want to re live a fantastic night, organised beautifully by the fabulous Madame Caramel then look on further and read on.

Before I go into any details about the night, I do want to say that in its second year the Femdom ball had a lot to live up to from last year but I do think that Madame Caramel managed to make this year ever better than last and the whole night was a huge success. A huge thank has to be said to Madame Caramel for all of that! So thank you!

So lets carry on with those details I mentioned before.

For me the vague planning for the ball started many months ago when Madame Caramel asked me if I would want to be a helper for the night again, I of course said yes and immediately assumed helper meant wine taster and all round standing around looking pretty (not quite true, although the standing around part was quite literal as Madame Caramel did keep telling me off throughout the night for sitting down at the tables).

The day itself started for me with an early train to London and as Natalie had kindly let me stay at hers again the plan was to head round hers then we would both head over to Madame Caramels to get ready and for me to try my dress on for the first time, luckily it fit! So (quite surprisingly for me) eveything went to plan and and I was in London, at Caramels, make up done and dressed with time to spare before heading to the ball.

All the helpers for the night were getting ready at Madame Caramel’s and we were all ready with time to spare so after a quick run though of what was planned for the night and which table we were to look after for the evening (Madame Caramel joked about me having to look after her tabel to make sure I behaved, although I can’t help but think there was some truth in that) we were all in a taxi and heading across to the venue. Me being me, I had not checked where the venue was so still had no real idea where we were going when we left in the taxi and getting in a taxi as Jess in daylight still fills me with nerves. It didn’t help that the taxi driving couldn’t find the main entrance to the courtyard and therefore dropped us off on a busy street and we had to walk the last 20m to the venue door. I know 20m doesnt sound like a lot but at the time it felt more like 20 miles on a busy street in the centre of London!

So we made it to the venue and were shown around by a very nice manager and wow what a venue it was. It’s hard to do the venue justice on here but it was spectacular, very fitting. You arrived into a courtyard and enterend the building to go up a large flight of stairs, through one more room and into the main room where the majority of the evening took place, and you could tell there was a lot of histroy in this room. Past this room was another large room which was the play room for the night (weirdly for me I hardly spent any time in there) and then past there through a secret door there was kind of the ‘back stage’ parts.

The start of the night involved walking the ladies to the main room and showing them their table for the night which I actually enjoyed as it was a great chance to say hello to some friendly faces I have seen in the past and to say hello to some I have only seen online never seen before. Omce everyone had arrived, the evening officially started with Vivienne L’Amour singing a few songs from the top balcony in the main door and sounding fantastic.

The whole night went very smoothly and it really was fantastic to meet some people I have wanted to for a long time and to be able to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen for a while. Of course spending a lot of the time with Natalie and this time Jessika was also a pleasure. As well as the meet and greets and catch ups happening throughout the evening there was the human raffle where each Domme had their slave as a ticket, a great performance from Mistress Amrita which was a combination of singing and rope work (one of my highlights of the night) and there was a fanstic fashion show HW Design which included a hell of a lot of incredible looking latex.

For me the night flew by and before I knew it was time to leave, by that time it was only my feet that were ready to call it a night but I ignored them for a few more hours and headed to the after party. So after a quick outfit change it was was in another taxi and heading over to the party. A few more drinks, a proporision in the toilets from some random guy which did not go down well with me, and a very enjoying spanking from Princess Aurora and slight caning from Mistress Brown and the night was over. By this time it was somewhere between 3 and 4am and my feet were very angry at me for ignoring them earlier. This time all of me was ready to call it a night, but what a night it was!

Bring on the Femdom Ball 2017, I for one can’t wait!

JD x x

House of Sinn -The Whip vs The Cane

Not too long ago I spent a Sunday in London filming with the incredible House of Sinn and what a Sunday it was. If you have read my blog before you might know that I have met all the people from House of Sinn a few times now and it is always a pleasure, I am a big big fan of both Mistress Ezada and Lady Yna and also very much enjoy catching up with everyone else involved.

This filming day I was filming with Mistress Ezada (for the first time so was very excited about that) and with Lady Mephista , for those of you that don’t know Lady Mephista is a stunning German Domme who loves her latex and rope bondage, and I can confirm is very good with a strap on as well as having legs that go on for ever! We actually did this filming the day after the Femdom ball and if anyone tells you I was out until 4am drinking wine the night before then they are lying…….maybe…..

One sure way of eliminating any tired feelings in the morning though is the promise of filming with two stunning dominant women! So I quickly got over the sleepy early start that may or may not have been due to me being out till 4am the night before.

I ended up doing 6 clips both with Mistress Ezada and Lady Mephista together, and some with just Lady Mephista. It was a real mix of clips and I really felt like I was put through my paces which doesnt always happen when filming. For me the day started quite slowly and easily (the calm before the storm) with Lady Yna helping me with my make up before shooting the first scene which was abit of boot worship with Lady Mephista and her beautiful boots. I am not going to go into a lot of details for all the clips, you can see what we got up to on the House of Sinn website when they are released, but I do want to talk about a few of them because they were intense! So as well as the boot worship clip we also did a spanking, two caning/whipping clips, a spit roast strap on and a bondage/strap on. It is fair to say I was physically and mentally exhausted after the last clip!

By far the most intense and most difficult clips that we did though were the caning and whipping clips. Now you might already know that I do have quite a bit of experience in the pain side of bdsm and it is actually something I enjoy, but this was a first. The idea of the clip was that Ezada likes the whip the most and Mephista likes the cane the most so they would both use them on me to show each other why they thought their implament was the better one. I am not hugely experienced with the whip and this hurt! It was very intense having cane, whip, cane, whip and the two deliver a very different feeling and a very different type of pain. I was at my pain limit by the end of the second clip and once the camera was off there were a few tears. I was smiling and crying at the same time, it is still slightly confusion for me as I am not used to all this crying, but I do know that it is hard to beat in terms of a feeling of release, at the time nothing else really matters and I love that.

Oh and for the record I prefer the cane to the whip so I am with Lady Mephista here, although I can confirm that they both bloody hurt!

After a bit of a break and a change of outfit we carried on with the filming with the strap on scenes. I am not going to go into lots of detail because you can see from the pictures what we did, so I will just stay it was very fun!

After filming these clips I was exhausted, a quick change and a bit of time to chill out before I headed off tried, in pain and happy. I can’t wait to film with the Hous if Sinn again soon!

JD x x

Happy Halloween

As it is halloween weekend I thought I would get into the spirit of things with some Halloween pictures.

Before you stop and say it, I know what you are thinking, this is actually just an excuse to use a Halloween addition to a picture editing app on my phone, well if thats what you were thinking then you would be right….

Anyway, Happy Halloween you filthy lot!

JD x x

Engish Mansion -A very Latexy Affair


I have been neglecting this blog in recent weeks and months and that is partly because lots of things have been happening in my personal life that I don’t want to talk about on here, I even considered stopping the blog for a while but the ‘good’ news is I have decided against that. The even better news is, I’m back with a post all about my recent trip to the best kink place I know of, aka The English Mansion, allow me to elaborate.

A few weeks ago I headed over to English Mansion to do a bit of filming with them for the first time about a year. I knew it was going to be a latex heavy filming day and I knew it would be Zara DuRose I would be filming with, so of course I was excited. Many of you will know just how good Zara looks in latex from her many pics and videos and its safe to say she looks even better in person, shes one of those people that it seems latex was just made for. I on the other head rarely get the chance to get fully suited and booted in latex but every time I do is a huge amount of fun, and this was not exception! As well as Zara being there, I was also looking forward to seeing a long term friend of mine Jade (@MissJadeJones) and seeing her do her thing on camera (pure filth, she makes me look very sweet and innocent!) and was very much looking forward to seeing Dominant Dolly and Mistress Sidonia, so you get the idea, I was excited!


In fact, I have been trying to think about how to get across just how much I enjoy being at the English Mansion. I have been lucky enough to to film with them a few times now and every time it is just a fantastic experience. Its not just about the filming as well, its everything from the time I arrive to getting out the hot tub at the day of the day and heading home. Actually, I think sometimes they must be close to kicking me out the door at the end of the day as I never want to leave. But at the risk of getting too soppy lets go back to the filming!

Zara had already filmed with Jade and with Dominant Dolly before we did our scene so I had had plenty of time to get ready or should I say I had plenty of time for others to help me get ready. The scene I did with Zara was great fun, as I mentioned before it involved lots of latex and as well as that there was bondage, caning, butt plugs, chastity, and me serving drinks in a more ‘challenging’ way than normal plus a little bit of boot worship. not a bad way to spend a sunny Thursday afternoon I am sure you would agree.

I am not going to go into all the details about what happened, The videos should be released later in the year on The English Mansion website so you can go see for yourself then. Plus the pictures here show a great little tease for the video, so stop being greedy and be patient haha.

One thing I will say though is that this was one of the few times I have done any form of predicament bondage and although it was quite mild compared to a lot of things I have seen before, it was a great introduction and something I would really like to do more of (Not that I would dream of hinting at all to you Mistress Sidonia if you are reading this….) It always feels good to be pushed in certain ways and I can see the appeal of being pushed with this for sure now.

After I finished my bit of filming Zara, Jade and Dominant Dolly did an incredibly hot scene together while I got to sit back and watch the action live with a front row seat. This was the first time I had seen Dominant Dolly in full Domme mode and I have to say wow she does look fantastic, and I am not jealous at all…..haha! Actually Dominant Dolly looked great, Zara looked great and Jade looked great. I cannot wait to see this clip when it gets released, very fucking hot (see what I did there), I recommend it to all!!

After the last scene and the day was done we finished off with a dip in the hot tub, the perfect way to end a great days filming

That just leaves me to say a  huge thank you to the English Mansion guys, to Zara Du Rose and to Jade, I had a great day as always and am looking forward to the next time I might be lucky enough to do it again

JD x x