Interview with Megara Furie

Im very pleased to be able to post my latest interview on my blog with a Domme I have known about since getting into kink but never had the opportunity to chat to until recently, and that Domme is none other that Megara Furie. Incase people don’t know Megara Furie is a professional Domme based in Scotland in Glasgow and works from her own Dungeon/studio but also travels both within the UK and abroad. It was a real pleasure being able to do this interview and for me what stood out so much was her love for what she does and how passionate she is about kink, it really is infectious! I was a big fan of Megara Furie form afar before doing this interview but now I have been able to chat with her for a little while, I am even more of a fan, she is a passionate, stunning, talented Domme that truly loves what she does, what more could a sub ask for.

So a huge thank you goes out to Megara for doing this with me and I hope you all enjoy the read.

  • How did you first get into the world of kink, is it something that was always an interest?

I have always been interested in it and have always liked the alternative scene. When I was young I was very into the vampire and goth thing and I guess with the vampire thing there is a power thing there, females biting males and enticing them in, using that against them. I always thought that was very cool, I wanted to be that powerful, to have that power over guys.

I have never been a vanilla person, that just didn’t make sense to me. Then when I first started experimenting and getting interested in sex, I can remember wanting to tie up my boyfriends. I was living with a guy for about four years and I remember experimenting together but I didn’t know that these things had names, it was just normal for us. One night we were sitting watching tv and I turned to him and said I don’t know where this is coming from but I want to pee on you and he just said “yeah ok, you can pee on me then.” The next time we had sex I told him to get in the bath and we did just that and it was exhilarating knowing that he was beneath me and was willing to do this for me. That sort of sparked my interest and we experimented with toys and a few things from there. I realised I did have a power and a control over him and I liked it, we didn’t have a formal discussion about it, it was very organic and we just sort of fell into our roles with me being in control. I have never been a vanilla person.

  • ·How did you first get in being a Pro Domme, was it something that you always wanted to try, did it happen quite quickly after getting into kink?

After things finished with that boyfriend I then decided to go and dance as a stripper and again that fed the whole power dynamic. Although people talk about strippers or lap dancers as being exploited or they get a bad name for it, the reality is very different. We would sit in the changing rooms and talk about the guys down stairs and maybe if I have taken a few dances off a guy but I know he has xyz in his wallet, or if a guy came in asking for sex we would go over and absolutely wind him up, take his money off his and then just leave him rinsed and alone at the end of the night, we were exploiting them. I love knowing I have someone right around my little finger. I wasn’t in it for attention or any drug problems or anything, I did it because I enjoyed it, I was fucking good at it and I loved the power struggle. I knew how to get what I wanted from guys.

It was an opportunity to make money, most of my dances were VIPs so I was guaranteed £200 for an hour. What I noticed after a while was that I tended to get guys that wanted something alternative off me. I had a guy that wanted to just see me take my shoes on and off and I would charge him more for that because he knew no one else in that club would do it. I used to remind him of that and get into his head about it, he became one of my regulars. I had another guy and all he wanted me to do was knee him in the balls for two hours, so I would still be dancing because of the cameras but every time I turned a certain way I would slam a knee or a foot into his balls, I think I even head butted him once.

One night I was speaking this a guy and there was someone on stage getting whipped or spanked, I said to the guy something about how I would love to do that for a living and he told me there was a Domme looking for someone to train so he gave me her details and I got in contact and she took me on. Within a few months I was so busy I gave up dancing all together.

Did you know much about the BDSM world when you first went to see the Domme?

Only what I had done in my personal life but she took me under her wing and showed me things that filled in the gaps, she knew I was quite imaginative and after one session she told me I would be just fine.

Whats her name, is she still working as a Domme?

Mistress Lilith, yes she still is, she is in Glasgow. She is excellent!

Then after about one year I set up my own place and it has taken about three years for me to be happy with the place and I’m still continuously adding to it. I’m just about to add an extra room which means it will have two play spaces, one will be quite light and more geared towards softer play and role-play. The other will be the room with the suspension and the more hardcore things like the bondage and the CP stuff.

To get your own place after a year seems very quick

I knew that I loved what I was doing and that I could travel with it but I also knew the responsibilities it came with like doing my taxes and all the admin, advertising etc, I’m a very organised person.

  • What is your favourite thing about being a pro Domme?

It’s peoples reactions, it doesn’t matter so much what activity I’m doing with a person as long as they are reacting to me and I can see I am having a positive reaction with them and that’s what drives me. That is what gets me through doing the admin and the accounts and the advertising. Doing all these things means I can get sessions in, create an imaginative session for someone then watch their reactions, I get a buzz out of that.

I know for some people coming to see me could be a massive stress relief or the only time they can let someone just take over, its almost like they can have a holiday in their own heads which is great to see. I like to build relationships with people as well and I generally see people more than once, they do tend to come back.

That’s always a good sign.

Yes, everything builds and gets better as that relationship builds.

  • What was your worst/best previous job before being a Domme?

I have never had a bad job, oh actually yes I have. I worked for all of two weeks in a chip shop and the women that worked there was a rude, obnoxious, vile person and her hygiene was disgusting. She had me in the back working, which I don’t mind because cooking is one thing that relaxes me. She used to walk in wearing flip flop sandals and had this athlete foot thing which she was constantly itching and then she would touch the food and it used to infuriate me! She would also speak to me in such a bad way, one day I was 5 mins late because of my bus and I had rang in to let them know but don’t think the message got passed on. When I arrived she told me she was docking me an hour and I basically told her “no, you’re not” and told her to shove her job up her arse, threw my apron down and just walked out. I hated that place.

Worse job but a great way to leave.

Spectacular fashion, as always.

My best job is hard to pick, I absolutely adored being a dancer, I would walk into work and be told how beautiful I was. Then I would leave at the end of the night with money in my purse. I also traveled with it and was able to dance in other countries, it got me used to the lifestyle I can enjoy now.

  • How can a submissive contact you to arrange a session?

They can either call or email because that’s polite. There is a contact form on both of my websites and I do not take requests via twitter or Facebook, I like to speak to someone on the phone so I can get a feel for them and have a chat about what they are into, and I think hearing each others voices builds an initial connection. I find a lot of the people that try via twitter or Facebook are time wasters as well, they obviously haven’t taken the time to go to my website and read my protocol section, it’s disrespectful. You would think they would value themselves a little bit more by doing a little bit of research on who they were coming to see.

I have heard a lot of stories about guys that have been to see ‘pop up’ Dommes who maybe have heard about the scene recently because its been more published in the media and think I could do that, but they have not had any training. They think it’s just about yelling at someone, beating them up and taking money off them – it’s really not, it’s a far more sophisticated art than that. If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it. You have to give a shit about what you are doing and who you are seeing and also one thing you can not ever be is a man hater and still be successful at this job – I am such a strong believer in that. This requires a genuine understanding of guys and a concern for their safety. If you are a man hater you are not going to want to even try to give them the best session they can have when they come to see you and a bad first session could put someone off the whole thing for life.

  • What can a client expect from you in their first session?

It depends what they ask for. Depends on how much we have spoken before hand, but I tend to go semi light on them so I can judge their reactions and then see if we can push some boundaries. If we can push some boundaries in the first session then by all means I will, but the first session is more about it being the first real opportunity to build trust with that person. I like to start with a chat and as it’s not a strict revolving door policy with me, there is always time before and time after to have a chat or for some after care. It’s really about getting to know that person.

There is one thing I will teach every single sub when they arrive and it’s called a four point count. It’s four positions numbered 1-4 which I expect a sub to be able to get into without me explaining it every single time. It sets the first bit of protocol for them to follow but I also like to have a bit of fun with it as well.

So, basically, I like to have a chat with them and build some trust then show them the four point count and then always have a chat at the end to find out what went well, if there was anything I could do to make it better and what expectations they might have for the next time they come and visit.

  • Other that real time how can a submissive serve you? Do you do anything other than real time?

I am a massive real time person, I’m a real touchy feely person. I like being able to see someone in the flesh. I don’t see the point of being on webcam and someone asking for something like foot worship – you can’t feel them, touch them or smell them, I just feel a bit silly doing that. I would much rather they come and see me. I don’t do phone either because I could be telling someone to do something but how can I monitor that if just on the phone?

The only thing I actually do is some domination through twitter, where I will set a sub a task and they will go off and do it and we play a bit off their reactions and there is a bit of banter. I have this sub and I know when he is being cheeky he really wants to be FinDommed and to be told that for his cheek he should go and buy this or that. I have actually made up his very own Wish list that only he can see, it’s called his fuck up list. Every time he is cheeky it’s his saving grace, I have a stern word with him and he goes straight to the list and that’s really his payment for the session. He is very generous and very kind with it, if I’m honest I am not really one for FinDomme and don’t like to just take money without working for it. So I give him the tasks and he has his list and he can decide what items from the list to get depending on the appropriate level of apology. He is extremely good and he is making an effort to come over to Scotland to see me, so I can’t complain.

That is the main reason I could see cam as something that could work, if they are a long away from you

I do tour so they should get into contact with me and ask if there is any chance I could visit their country and once I know there is interest then I start doing research and put the feelers out and see if I can get any more sessions and if I can make it worth my while. I do tend to charge a bit extra to cover extra costs like hotels and hiring a dungeon etc. I have been extremely lucky with travel I have been to New York, LA, Dominican republic, Barcelona, Germany, Poland. It’s great, I love the fact that I am able to travel.

  • Are you looking for a personal sub?

I have personal subs, not personal as in intimate but personal as in they do jobs for me and it’s not a paid basis, but they will gift me. They get to work quite closely with me but these are subs I have had for a long time. I would never allow or even entertain the idea of a personal sub that I hadn’t known for at least a year and even then it would be on a trial basis because you are letting them into your personal life. I couldn’t consider collaring someone before then.

Its a big commitment from both I think.

It is a massive thing for them and it’s obviously a massive thing for me. They are committing to see me and only me, you wouldn’t ask someone to be in a serious relationship or ask them to marry after only a month of knowing them. You need to get to know them and find out what their strengths are and what their faults are etc and then you can start to really connect.

  • What’s your personal website and which others do you use?

I have two personal sites and I also use instrgram, twitter and Facebook. I do have a Fetlife profile but hardly ever use it, I would do so if they had an app for it though.

Instagram @mistressglasgow

Twitter @megarafurie

Facebook Megara Furie

Fetlife megarafurie

  •  Do you have a favourite piece of equipment/favourite toy?

I would say my favourite toy would be the tawse, I love that something so unassuming can cause so much pain. I also love playing with rope as well. I always find when I’m tying someone I feel very relaxed. I sort of get lost in time and I like making it look all pretty. It’s very imitate.

  • What is your favourite fetish outfit to wear?

It depends on what I’m doing. I’m a big fan of office wear because I’m comfortable in it, a nice skirt and a shirt with possibly a corset over it. I do also love latex but it can be so time consuming to get it on and off. That can sometimes put me off.

  • What is your favourite type of play during a session, or favourite

I’m a massive reaction person, for example I am a massive fan of ball busting, but if I am kicking someone in the balls and they are just pan faced then it removes all the enjoyment for me. However one thing I had hardly ever be bothered with is trampling as it just bores me so much, but if I am doing some trampling with someone and they are really into it and they are giving me feedback and there are reactions there, then it can become the best session in the world. Its all about feeding off the other person and in turn them feeding off of you.

I also like to role-play but I have done some role-plays where someone has given this whole detailed scenario which I have done my best to get my teeth into. I will look the part and will set the scene and remember all the little pointers, because sometimes it can be the little triggers that excites them and if you leave that out it could ruin the whole session. Then they turn up and they just seem to hold back with me and I’m role-playing by myself. That’s the whole reaction thing, I need the reactions from them to make it a great role-play.

  • What are the best qualities you look for in a sub?

Qualities in a sub I look for are manners, you don’t have to be anything special just have genuine common sense and use manners that you would use on a day to day basis to show that you are not a dick of a human being. I am courteous and kind and that is what I expect a sub to be as well. They should just be courteous, polite – everything else can be trained, as long as they are open and receptive to learning. The other important thing is that they need to show up for sessions both physically and mentally and be ready to let themselves go and give me the reactions that I’m looking for, do that and then everyone will be happy.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to a sub what would it be?

Do your research because that is the first stage where things could go wrong. Doing your research minimises the chance of coming into contact with someone that isn’t a true professional. You are putting your body into someone else’s hands so you need to make sure it is the right person. Find out what they are into, how they treat subs, check if they have twitter or a website, have a look if it is well written, does it look professional etc. Check what services they offer, is it what you would expect from a Domme? Are they actually a Domme or an escort with a whip? The analogy I tend to use is the difference between a hooker and a Domme is the difference between a car salesman and a mechanic, we both deal with roughly the same thing, one is highly skilled while the other gets fucked in the arse occasionally

The luxury of researching a Domme is there is normally a vast amount of information out there about the person, if there isn’t then find someone else.

  • What are the top 3 mistakes you find a sub makes with you?

Inappropriate first contact, it could be a text or through twitter or at a ridiculous time of day, or written in text speak or they call me babe. Any of those things mean you get eliminated. Also giving me a list of your vital statistics makes no fucking difference, it is a session not a date.

Another is over familiarity, I am quite a jokey person and I like to put people at ease but there is a line that they should not cross. Recently I had a sub call me mate and I had to stop him and tell him yes we have a connection but it is a strictly Domme sub connection, I am not your mate.

My third would be asking me out, we might have a laugh and get on like a house on fire and have a real connection during a session but that is where it ends. I care about their well being, I do want to see them again but only on that professional basis. It has to remain professional, just don’t do it, asking me is just embarrassing and awkward for everyone.

  • Do you have a different approach to male/female subs? Do you see female subs or crossdressers?

I don’t generally see female subs but I think if I did they are much more emotional creatures so you have to be more delicate where emotions are concerned. I do believe that women have a much higher pain threshold though, women are intrinsically strong and I do have a lot of respect for women that choose to sub. I think women will be able to lose themselves a lot easier because we are used to being able to express our emotions.

And how about crossdressers?

I treat everyone on an individual basis so it really just depends what they are coming to me for. There is no off the rack session – everyone is different.

  • What made you pick the name Megara Furie, where does the name come from?

Megara Furie comes from Greek mythology, there were three Erinnyes which were formed from drops of blood from Uranus and send down to Earth to basically find men that had done wrong in their lives and punish them accordingly. They didn’t kill them but caused them so much pain and suffering that they would try to kill themselves. There were three Furie sisters, Megara, Alecto and Tisiphone. I chose Megara because I wanted alliteration in name with Mistress Megara. If you have ever seen the Disney Hercules film then Megara Furie is in that as well, she is the sassy one!

Is it true that you don’t like being called Mistress and much prefer Megara Furie?

When I first started I had people calling me Mistress and I hated it, it made me feel old. I told everyone to call me Megara rather than Mistress so yes that is very true.

  • Your ‘Port-a-Domme’ looks like a very exciting idea, how does that work and could you give some examples of the sort of thing you have done with it?

I generally only do this with people I have seen before but I have equipment that folds away and can put into my car so if I have any clients who cant leave the house for any reason or that have only a short period of time in a hotel then I can go and travel to them. Also if I am on tour and can’t find a premises to work from then I can get an apartment somewhere and using my equipment set up a mini dungeon. It increases my flexibility a bit more and makes kink more accessible. Although Its not something I am asked for too much because most people want to come visit me at my dungeon. It does allow me to be be a bit more creative though and makes me think a bit more dynamically and I like seeing the reactions from that. If people just always get what they have always just got then they are always going to give you the same reaction and so you will not get the surprises. I know some people like to play it safe and that’s ok but I like clients to leave there session with me and remember it and maybe think ‘that was a little different’ in a good way.

If you just want one thing in one particular way then you could really go and see anybody. What I want is clients that want to come back and see me and eventually earn themselves a tag and from there a collar.

What is the difference between a tag and a collar?

Well is a term I have coined myself, I felt that there was no in between from being owned to being collared and I thought there should be some sort of trial where you are almost collared but there are certain conditions before you are fully trusted with a collar or consideration collar. In a vanilla relationship you would meet someone, then you would date for a while and then eventually you would be looking to have a real proper commitment. I feel like tagging is the equivalent of vanilla dating, where you are still getting to know each other but you both know you want to be tied together to some degree.

  • Who would you most like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, or who would you love to work with again?

There are some Mistress’s I have met from going to tea parties with Mistress Absolute who I haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet but would love to and one of them would be Mistress Darcy from New York. We got on really well, she has a sharp tongue and I like that so would really like to work with her. I have also met Ava Von Medisin and she was really lovely, and what a pair of legs she has for ball kicking so I think we could destroy some balls together.

Also Miss Scarlet letter, she is more of a strict aunty or motherly figure and I really like her style. Everything she does is always from a very good place and she has very good intentions. She wants to improve the life of subs and that’s something that is quite close to my heart so would like to work with her as well.

People that I have worked with and would definitely work with again, obviously Mistress Absolute, she is fantastic to work with. Mistress Lilith is so creative and comes up with the most ridiculous plans that always seem to work and I love working with her. Obviously Mistress Sarah Jessica is awesome, I really respect her and she’s an amazing sadist and another person who truly cares about her subs and it is nice to work with people like that. Mistress Miranda has the most incredible studio I have ever seen, its so well equipped and we got on very well so she would be another.

  • Where do you get your inspiration for sessions?

I think I have quite a good imagination so if someone tells me the sort of thing they enjoy then I can come up with something on the spot from that. I quite like to play games because it can make it more interesting and interactive for us both, although there are times when games are not appropriate. I like to think of the psychology as well as the physical side of things because if you can get into someones mind it’s a lot longer lasting and it builds trust and rapport. So from what they tell me I will usually come up with something on the spot, but I do have a few standard games I like to use, especially with newbies. I like to play a game called punishment bingo, where I will create a randomly numbered grid, one side will be repetitions or time periods and the other will be different punishments they think they would want to try, plus a few I will add. They will shout out numbers at random and they have to get a full house in order to win the game. There would normally be about 50 punishments in total and can get up to 30 in an hour. I have added a few twists and turns to it as well.

I can see how that would be very good at removing nerves and breaking the ice, especially with a newbie.

Yes, when they see me looking at the grid and bursting out laughing as they don’t know whats coming, it creates a bit of a connection and we have fun doing it.

  • What is your favourite BDSM or Kink website/blog?

It’s probably just the shopping ones!

Although I have read a few of Sarah Jessica’s blog and she writes beautifully so will have a read of that. But the shopping or advertising sites because they help me and allow me to buy things to make me better or try something new.

And its an excuse for shopping


  • If you could have one male and one female Celeb to be your sub for the day who would they be?

For a male sub it would be between Billy Connolly because I think he would be hilarious or Billy Bob Thornton because I remember reading all the sick shit he was into so he would be a fun sub. For my female sub, I’m not really sure, maybe Angelina Jolie because she is into some interesting stuff like knife play and blood so that would be fun.

  • What are some of you favourite things to do away from bdsm?

I like to read, I like to just hang out with friends and I like going climbing which also lets me keep in touch with geology. I also like to cook as it relaxes me. I know its still kink related but I have also got involved with sexpression to help spread awareness and get people talking about it, spread the kinky word and let people know we are actually quite sensible folk!

JD x x

Visit to Dungeon Manor

Last week I was lucky enough to head over to spend two days at the wonderful Dungeon Manor. Now for those of you that dont know, Dungeon Manor is the residence of both Mistress Evilyne and Governess Ely and for want of a better word its like a kinky playground full of all sorts of toys and equipment. My visit was for two fold really, it was really visiting to be able to have a catch up with Ely as it had been too long since we had seen each other but also I was to do some filming with both Ely and Mistress Evilyne.

Dungeon Manor filmingI had been planning to go visit Ely for a while and for one reason or another it hadnt happened so with me having a week off work there were no excuses so headed over to stay for two nights. Ely asked me if I wanted to do abit of filming while I was there which I was of course more than happy to do for many reasons. One because Ely asked and I will always be happy to do filming with Ely, its always a lot of fun. Two because it would mean being able to film with Mistress Evilyne which was exciting in its own right, and three because lets face it, I’m abit of an attention whore and love being in front of the camera!

So I arrived to be greeted by a big hug from Ely and invited in to Dungeon Manor and given a quick tour round. Now you know you are in a FemDom house when one of the first things you see when entering the house is a naked guy with chains and a collar on, the guy turned out to be a sub called clumsy who was just about to do some filming with Mistress Evilyne and was a very nice guy. Everyone else was was out in one of the back rooms and were stopping for lunch when I arrived (perfect timing) so me and Ely walked in and I said hello to everyone. There was a little bit of a shocked look from Mistress Evilyne that I was actually Jessica Dee because I was very much in casual ‘Boy mode’ when I arrived. I definitely wasnt recognised straight away and she even showed the the camera man a pic of me as Jess to show the stark difference, and I think he was surprised as well but I reassured everyone it was me! This isn’t the first time I have had this sort of reaction and I really dont mind it but I never really know what to say when I have it, think I went for something along the lines of the slightly awkward ‘yeah, I scrub up ok every now and then’. I do actually like getting this reaction though as the whole point of me dressing it to look as feminine as possible so for it to be difficult to recognise me in ‘boy mode’, I take it as a compliment.

After food it was decided I would be pretty much in just lingerie for the filming and I showed Ely what I had with me and we picked an all white ‘innocent’ look so I got changed and then Ely started on my make up. I do really enjoy having my make up done but as usual it does take a while (takes a long time to make this face look pretty!) and I was the last to be ready which is pretty much normal now! Ely did an amazing job on my make up and I was really happy with how it looked once she was done, and then it was on to the filming.

Dungeon Manor filming 2The filming itself lasted probably almost an hour and half and was so much fun! There was spankings from both Ely and Evilyne, both with bare hands and a few other implements. There was lots of Rope (mmmmmmm rope), and there was a little bit of cigarette/ash tray play. Also there was bondage and there was foot worship, stocking worship and chastity teasing. With the exception of the ash tray stuff these are all amoungst my favourties so I was having a huge amount of fun. My favourite part of the filming was actually something we did right at the start and it involved me making a cup of tea for Governess Ely and Mistress Evilyne, I know that doesn’t sound too kinky or that exciting really but bare with me and I will explain.

The idea was taken out of a scene from a film which I love called Secretary and if you havnt seen it then I strongly recommend you do, its 100 times better than 50 shades of grey, but thats a whole other debate I’m not getting into! To cut a long story short, in the film Maggie Gyllenhaal becomes the submissive of her boss and in this particular scene she is carrying out jobs while wearing a bondage device that is a spreader bar attached to a collar and also attached to both hands, one the the jobs she does is making a coffee while wearing it, so that is what I had to do (except replace the coffee with tea). Maggie Gyllenhaal makes it look very easy on camera which if you do get round to watching the clip once its released you will see that I unfortunately dont! I have always loved bondage though and this was no exception, it was a lot of fun and even though making the tea was not easy I got there in the end!

The rest of my time there was filled with take away, cards against humanity, films, cake and most of all catching up with Ely. A great couple of days and great to see Ely again and a real pleasure to meet and film with Mistress Evilyne. I’m looking forward to returning to Dungeon Manor soon!

JD x x

Happy Third Birthday Blog

Once again it has come round so quickly that it has come as a little bit of a surprise but the blog is another year older. I have been doing this blog for three years now, that just sounds a little weird saying that!

Birthday CupcakeThis last year has been another exciting year with a mixture of periods of lots of fun, but also much quieter times as well. I have be able to do some more filming, been to a couple of nights out and met some amazing people along the way and made some new friends.

I think the biggest addition to the blog this year has been the interviews I have done with some incredible Dommes. It was an idea I had a little while ago and had always thought it was would a hugely interesting thing for both me and for others reading it. Its something I personal really enjoy doing and I feel im learning a lot being able to chat to some of the best, most experienced people in the world of FemDom, but without a doubt  its something I have learnt to do as I go! Judging by the comments I have been receiving though lots of others are enjoying reading them just as much as I am enjoying writing them, so thank you for them!

So the (hopefully) good news is that I have no plans of stopping at three years! I hope there will be more filming and more pics, more going out to clubs, more meeting new people, more experiencing new and exciting things and more interviews coming in year number 4. There is no getting rid of me that easily!

Here is to another exciting and fun filled year.

JD x x

The Adventures of Jessica Dee – Part II

This is my second of these comic type posts after posting The adventures of Jessica Dee Part I back in spetember 2013, I hope they are fun to read as I have fun making them. If I carry on at this rate then expect Part III some point in May 2017….haha

Jessica’s training takes a new turn

JD x x

Interview with Mistress Evilyne

Im very pleased to be able to say my first blog post of 2015 and my first interview of the year is with the wonderful Mistress Evilyne. For those of you that don’t know, Mistress Evilyne is a Pro Domme based in London and is the owner of the incredible looking dungeon and play space that is Dungeon Manor. This interview was a first for me in the fact that I haven’t yet met Mistress Evilyne but I have followed her on twitter for a while and I have always wanted to be able to meet which im now very much looking forward to next time im in London I hope. Mistress Evilynes varity of interests and kinks had always been a huge interest to me, especially the amazing public play that she does so I was very happy to be able to sit down and have a chat on the phone for a bit and do this interview.

It really was a pleasure and all that leaves me to say is a great big thank you to Mistress Evilyne for the whole thing, Thank you.

  • How did you first get into the world of kink, is it something that was always an interest?

I had never considered getting into the world of kink really but I was always very domineering with guys. I had left my last kitchen job and had a part time job in a little chocolate shop and I was looking for something else to make ends meet, I was browsing the internet one day and I came across a Mistress’s website and was just blown away. It was one of those light bulb moments where I just thought that’s what I should be doing, why have I not been doing this before, I need to do that! So I just threw myself into it, I found a guy who was a masochist who was willing to teach me a couple of things. He helped me set up an adultwork profile and off I went pretty much learning on the job.

And not looked back since.

Not looked back, threw myself into the liftstyle whole heartedly, left my little chocolate shop job after a couple of months and went full time Femdom.

Thats quite a brave thing to jump striaght in so quickly.

I tend to do that with things, I have always been someone that will make split second decisions. If something feels right then it feels right and I will just go for it and deal with what ever afterwards. There is no point being scared of any possible negative consequences and in this case I definitely dont regret the decision. 

  • How did you first get in being a Pro Domme, was it something that you always wanted to try, did it happen quite quickly after getting into kink?

Well I instantly started as a pro Domme, I didnt get into kink and then become a Pro Domme and really the lifestyle came from that.

The guy who helped you at the beginning, where did you meet him?

Actually I met him on Gumtree, I was a little strapped for cash and had decided to sell dirty knickers on the internet because I had heard people did that. This guy writes to me and said how he goes to see a Pro Domme and she had asked him to drink her piss but he hadnt done it before so wanted to know if he could pay me to drink my piss. So I wrote back saying that was interesting because I had been thinking about becoming a Pro Domme, so he offered to help me get started and there we are.

So a real case of right place right time

It was, and we met up for coffee, and I remember him looking at me with a look of, are you sure you want to do this, you look too sweet and innocent, im not sure you have got it in you.

Haha how little he knew!

Exactly , and we from time to time we send each other emails.

  • What is your favourite thing about being a pro Domme?

I think my absolute favourite thing about being a Pro Domme is that I have a very full life, I get to do everything I want to do. I have wonderful relationships of all types with different people and I also now have time! I have come from working in kitchen doing up to 100 hours a week to having time to see my friends and go out and do things, or read a book, simple pleasures.

  • What was your worst/best previous job before being a Domme?

I think my worst job was working for one of Gordon Ramsey’s ex pastry chefs, he was a bastard. It was like bdsm without safe words or constent, he made my life hell. I even lost so much weight under him that I once ended up in hospital. He was really nasty and there was nothing I could do about it, completely powerless. In the end after 6 months I lost it and said I was never coming back again, he managed to turn me off kitchens.

I have pretty much only really worked in kitchens so my best job was properly working in another kitchen for Gary Rhodes. I worked there for him in the Cumberland Hotel and we were all so tight it felt like a family. We worked crazy hours but we were all together and in it as a team. Even when times were horrible we still had a blast. It was pretty awesome.

  • How can a submissive contact you to arrange a session?

Through my website. I have a contact form on it they can fill in and I do like it when they fill it in properly. If its for a same day session they can call me and my number is on my website as well. Everything is on the site.

  • What can a client expect from you in their first visit to see you?

They can expect me to be quite gentle, I tend to not go the full hog with someone on the first visit because I dont know them yet so can’t really judge them. They can also expect a nice long chat beforehand which isn’t counted in the time they paid for, and then a cup of tea and another chat afterwards. If they are really lucky they could be put to work for free doing the mopping or the ironing.

  • Other that real time how can a submissive serve you? Do you do anything other than real time?

Submissives can serve me over the internet either on webcam or by email. I have a profile on Adultwork and cam every so often and also do phone chat there.

Do you find people who see you on cam, only see you on cam and dont so much come for sessions?

Actually a lot of people who I talk to on cam are talking to me so they can see me and then decide if they would like to then book a session with me. Its a way for them to see I’m a real person. But what im not going to do is go on cam when someone wants me to, I go on cam when I want to and people can sign up to be notified when im online.

  • Are you looking for a personal sub?

Well I have one and a half I guess you could say.

What’s the half?

Well I have a personal slave and a personal entertainer I guess you could call it, like a court jester. I am looking for a domestic slave though, someone that will do my bloody cleaning, and who won’t bitch about it, someone that will be regular, trustworthy and willing to work for me, for my pleasure.

  • I know you have a personal website, do you use any others?

I have my personal site and I also have a website for The Dungeon Manor, I also use twitter.

  • Do you have a favourite piece of equipment/favourite toy?

Yeah I do, my favourite piece of equipment is my Venus 2000, closely followed by my whips from Tony Essentia which are so beautiful, but my favourite thing is the Venus 2000, I love that thing.

The Venus 2000 is so powerful you can really tease someone with it, or you can just pump pump pump until their cock is just raw. You can do so much with it, it’s brilliant. I also like it because guys see it as the ultimate masturbatory device and managing to use something that is every man’s dream as a torture is brilliant.

  • What is your favourite fetish outfit to wear?

Pyjamas or onesie definitely! My favourite fetish outfit is comfort fetish. I love the look of the leather, corsets and rubber but I find it all slightly uncomfortable. I think true Femdom isn’t about pandering to the fantasies of men but creating fantasies in their minds that suit you and your comfort, so I will be damned if by the end of 2015 there won’t be a whole onesie fetish going, I will make it happen!

If I pick up a onesie fetish now, I know who to blame, or thank.

And I will have been proud to have shared the love.

  • What is your favourite type of play during a session, or favourite activities?

My favourites are hardsports, public humilations, ball busting and whipping, in that order.

  • What are the best qualities you look for in a sub? Is that different between a personal sub and one that books a session?

No, no difference. The qualities that I look for are trustworthiness, intelligence and being a gentleman. Also self sufficiency, I don’t do being a mother.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to a sub what would it be?

If I could give one piece of advice it would be don’t expect anyone else to sort out your problems but yourself.

  • What are the top 3 mistakes you find a sub makes with you?

I would say, number one is being needy that puts me right off them, whether that is being needy before, during or after seeing me. Another mistake is thinking they can answer back, they very quickly find out that they can’t. Even the ones I can see biting their lip to stop them answering back I dont like because they are thinking about doing it, and thats enough of a crime. The third would be buying me cheap chocolates, having worked in a chocolate shop I know my stuff there.

  • Do you have a different approach to male/female subs? Do you see female subs or crossdressers?

Very different, I’m a lot more tender with a female sub. For example I would never ever be able to stub out a cigarette on a woman’s clitoris but yet I’m perfectly happy to stub out 10 cigarettes in a row on the end of a penis.

Just crossed my legs slightly but go on lol

I’m a lot more tender and caring with a woman, I know the frailty of a woman and the beauty of a woman’s body whereas men are just fat and bones and stuff and just balls and penis hanging there haha. I dont know where it comes from really, one day I will work it out and I will tell you.

Do you see many female subs?

No not many, I have played with a few on the scene but never had any come to me for Pro sessions

What about crossdressers, do you treat them differently to guys?

Well maybe a litte, there is a bit more girliness because that’s what they like, but a cross dresser is still a man in a dress, they still have that stronger body and beautifully bruisable bottoms.

  • I have seen that you enjoy public play, have you been doing it for long and what sort of reaction do you get from members of the public?

I have been doing it pretty much since I started and it’s something I really enjoy. In terms of public reaction, men tend to stop and stare, they sometimes heckle, they sometimes want to get involved. Sometimes they will even try telling me what I should do to the poor sub, or they will just laugh. I always get massive groups of men just standing there staring. Women tend to walk past and not stop, but grin.

What sort of thing do you do in public?

Anything and everything from making them wet themselves, making them worship my shoes, going into a shop and making them get on their knees so I can step on them to reach the higher shelf. Sometimes using them as a walking wallet, making them sit on floor at a restaurant while I sit at the table. What ever my imagination comes up with. That’s one of the reasons I like it, it’s very creative, anything could happen, it all depends how ballsy I’m feeling that day or how much I want to make the sub suffer.

Have you ever had any bad reactions?

Yeah a couple of times, once when we were filming a scene where I was slapping the guy and being quite brutal with him and there was a whole crowd watching and this one guy just starts having a go at me and shouting at me and calling me names. He was trying to tell me its not right blah blah blah. What was interesting was that he didnt care about my sub, it wasnt empathy towards him to see if he was alright, it came across as just an excuse to attack a women in public.

  • From the website and pictures I have seen Dungeon Manor looks like a great play space, did you build that up from scratch, how long have you lived there?

I came into this place and it was an empty house and it’s far from that now so I guess I did built it up from scratch. Have been here just over a year now and I have kind of created a nest, a haven from the business of London, a playspace which is more than a playspace. A place where women can to relax and be themselves.

You rent the dungeon out as well?

Yes the dungeon can be rented by the hour or by the day. For Pro Dommes even the dosmestic space can be rented.

  • Who would you most like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, or who would you love to work with again?

I’m very curious about Lady Asmondena, she is sort of my little hero, I love her outfits and everything and she seems to have a lot of fun with what she does. She is definitely top of the list.

People who I have worked with in the past and would like to again, we did a couple of doubles with Angelica Andrews and we got on like a house of fire so I would really like to work with her again.

Also did filming with English Mansion recently and that was so much fun, it was an all day thing and a lot of fun.

  • Do you use music in a session, if so what sort?

No, I do not use music in my sessions, I think its distracting. I think its so hard to pick the right music epsecially as I’m very much go with the flow in my sessions. I like my sessions to be them, me and the sound of my breath.

  • Where do you get your inspiration for sessions?

Everywhere, from my life, my past, books, pictures on the internet and from other Mistress’s on twitter. Also from my imagination, from seeing others play and from when I do double sessions, everthing really. Inspiration is in the air around you, you just have to be able to see it.

  • What is your favourite BDSM or Kink website/blog?

I really like my slave’s blog because its great to get someone else’s prespective on everything else thats happening in our lives. It also allows me to see how he feels about things because he is not very good at expressing it out loud. Im not a big Fetlife user, I find it is too much effort as I already have Twitter and Twitter can cover everything really now.

  • If you could have one male and one female Celeb to be your sub for the day who would they be?

Male would be Vladimir Putin, there is so much you could do with that guy. I would do horific things to him it would be amazing!

Female would be Audrey Tautou, the girl that plays Amélie, because she’s so adorable she would make such a good pet.

  • What are some of you favourite things to do away from bdsm?

I like going to the opera and going to museums and galleries. I enjoy reading and  I am really into colouring in. I also very much like going on mini, unplanned advertures which could go terribly wrong but  are a lot of fun to do.

JD x x


This year had a good mixture of new experiences, doing more of what I love, the occassoin kink club, interviewing amazing Dommes and general all kinky filth, so basically I had another very good year. More of the same for 2015 please!

They do say a picture tells 1000 words, so in that case here is my 2014 in 20,000 words! (well counting this 20,070 but who is counting!)

JD x x

Hey, I put some new ‘boots’ on And suddenly everything’s right

This wont come as a shock to you if you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook or if you have given me half a change to speak to you anywhere recently haha, but i have got myself some new thigh high boots and its safe to say i love them!

Ever since I first started cross dressing i have always wanted to try on a pair of thigh high boots but had never had the chance to before. I had always resisting buying a pair for myself for the fear of if they would suit me or if i could wear them anywhere (kind of silly really) but that changed last week. I was chatting to friend online and we were talking about boots and how much we both liked them and after a little persuasion from her and umming and errring from me i decided I had waited long enough, it was time for an online search for a pair in my size that werent stupidly priced. Good old amazon never lets you down and i found a pair for £40 so ordered them then and there!

After what seemed like forever but was really only 5 days, they arrived and it was love at first sight, they are now my new favourite things that I own and i have worn them every day since and taken quite a few pics since they arrived (and plan to continue doing so). The first time i put them on it was a little like wearing heels for the first time again when i got up to walk around, they feel different to heels and these are higher then any of my other shoes, but i dont mind this at all, just means i will have to wear them more to get used to them, such a shame…..

At the risk of looking a bit ‘Domme’ what I had always wanted to try was thigh high boots and a latex dress, so the first night i was alone thats exactly what I did, and i loved it and it felt amazing. I havn’t had that excitement about cross dressing for such a long time and its so good to have it back again, and all it took was a dress and a pair of shoes, where have i heard that before….

The style and colour of the boots are exactly how I had always pictured in my head when i thought about myself wearing thigh highs so I really couldn’t be happier with them.  All I need now is somewhere to go to wear them!

Oh yeah, PS i also got a new gag and handcuffs!

JD x x