Interview with Mistress T

There has been a little bit of a gap since my last interview but I am delighted to be able to post this latest one with none other than the fabulous Mistress T. For those that don’t know (where the hell have you been hiding in the Femdom world) Mistress T is a Canadian Domme from Vancouver but travels a lot to both the US and to the UK. As a Pro Domme Mistress T both sessions and produces and stars in Clips from a range of Femdom topics including, humiliation of men, cuckolding, Mommy fetish, Giantess, ass worship, Goddess worship, foot/boot/pantyhose/glove fetish and a lot more.

I was lucky enough to meet Mistress T a few months ago and although very brief and very much unexpected it was an absolute pleasure.  I have to say she is one of the most beautiful Dommes, actually one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, but if you have seen any of her videos or pictures you all would already know that!

I hope you enjoy the read and enjoy being able to have a little glimpse into the mind of someone who I consider to be an incredible Domme.

So that just leaves me to say a huge thank you to Mistress T for taking the time to answer my questions, so thank you it is very much appreciated. :)

How did you first get into the world of kink, is it something that was always an interest?

That’s a long complicated answer & a great story. I get asked so frequently that I originally created my blog to tell the story. If you’re really curious you can read my blog from the beginning, the first few entries tell the story

How did you first get in being a Pro Domme, was it something that you always wanted to try, did it happen quite quickly after getting into kink?

See above answer:-)

What is your favourite thing about being a pro Domme?

I love seeing people express intimate parts of themselves. I don’t just mean their private parts but their inner desires, kinks, & cravings.

What was your worst/best previous job before being a Domme?

I had a few mainstream sales & marketing jobs that were pretty boring: office furniture, computer software, advertising space. That wasn’t great. One of my favourite jobs was working in a coffee shop when I was a teenager. There were a lot of friendly regular customers & I liked my boss & coworkers. It was low-stress & fun.

How can a submissive contact you to arrange a session?

By email:

What can a client expect from you in their first visit to see you?

In terms of specific activities he can expect what we’re discussed & agreed to. He can also expect to feel safe with me.

Other that real time how can a submissive serve you? Do you do anything other than real time?

I actually very rarely see clients in person these days. My focus is on video production & work/life balance. Therefore I have limited availability for online/webcam/email training. To be frank, for both personal & online those who are the most generous & politely persistent get my attention.

Are you looking for a personal sub?

I’m not looking for a personal sub. I wouldn’t shut the door on the possibility that the right low-maintence slave might be out there, one with the right attitude/impeccable manners & enough to offer me to make it worth my while…but he would pretty much have to be a unicorn.

I know you have a very successful website and I personally really enjoy reading your blog, how long have you been running them and do you have any other sites you use?

I launched my members site in 2008 & my blog in 2011.

Members site:




Do you have a favourite piece of equipment/favourite toy and do you have a favourite type of play or activity?

I love chastity devices :-)

I love orgasm control. I love edging, denying him an orgasm, ruining his orgasm or eventually allowing him a release after prolonged denial & edging. I also love ballbusting when a guy can really take it.

What is your favourite fetish outfit to wear?

I have a leather top from Northbound leather that’s sexy & comfortable…& I love leather gloves.

What are the best qualities you look for in a sub?

Excellent manners, respect & patience.

If you could give one piece of advice to a sub what would it be?

Communicate clearly but briefly. The mistakes that subs often make is showing poor communication, being demanding and being cheap.

How do you prepare for a session or a scene to get into Domme headspace? Do you have to?

I just take a moment to be still & calm. To reflect on what has been discussed prior to the session.

I first saw you online on The English Mansion, and I know you do quite a bit of filming with them, how did that come about? and how often do you visit the UK?

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with The English Mansion. It started  a number of years ago when they were looking for someone from abroad to feature as the VIP guest for their FemDom ball. At that time I had been consistently in clips4sale’s top 10 for a couple of years & was gaining popularity. They liked my style & thought I would be a good fit for their site. I have been over a number of times to film in the last several years. I love the UK & hope to be back soon. Stay tuned on my blog for travel announcements.

I know you do a lot of videos for you site and clip stores, how does that compare to sessioning in real time?

It’s very different. When I film the focus is mostly directed to the camera. It is a performance with the male (if there is one there) as a prop. In a session it is a dance between the client & I. It is more intimate for the client than filming. 

Where do you get your inspiration for sessions or videos?

It’s a collaboration between my own creative mind & feedback/requests from fans & things that have happened with real slaves.

If you could have one male and one female Celeb to be your sub for the day who would they be?

If I could have Stephen Harper (Canada’s recent ex Prime Minister) for one day I would happily discipline him for the mess he’s made of Canada in the last decade. A celeb as a sexy sub: Johnny Depp.

What are some of you favourite things to do away from bdsm?

Yoga, eating healthy delicious food with good friends, going to the spa or natural hot springs/being in nature, reading, making love, seeing live music, road trips.

JD x x

1/2 Million Blog Views!

I have just reached a little bit of a milestone in terms of views for my blog, last night marked the 500,000th view, thats 1/2 Million times someone has viewed my blog! To mark this special occassion I thought what better way than to have a ‘expertly’ photoshopped picture that involves cake! It must be ideas like that that keep people coming back to view this blog…!

It has been just over 3 and a half years and 145 posts since I wrote my first blog post and what I love about this  blog is that I started writing it at the same time I started to take my love of bdsm and cross dressing seriously. This means my journey from not having a clue what I am doing, to now (some might argue I am still at the not knowing what I am doing stage) is all written in this blog, the good, the bad and the ugly!

I have been incredibly lucky to do some of the things I have done and I am also quite proud to have written some of the post I have done. The good news is I am not running out of ideas anytime soon and still always have more ideas for blog posts than I have time to write them, so this blog will be going nowhere anytime soon.

Expect to see more interviews, more pictures from Femdom filming, more posts about nights out, more of my general thoughts on things, more of my highs and lows, and let’s be honest, more of my terrible spelling i’m afraid!

Thank you to everyone who reads and who enjoys my blog, it means a lot when I hear it’s helped or just that it has been enjoyed (and no I don’t mean ‘enjoyed’ like that!)

Love to you all.

JD x x

Femdom Ball 2015

Last saturday was another fun, kink filled weekend in London as it the Femdom ball on saturday night and I was lucky enough to be a stewardess for the night. The night was hosted and organised by Madame Caramel and first things first I have to say what a fantastic night it was.

My day started heading to Madame Caramel’s at 4pm to get ready so we could be at the venue early before any guests arrived. There were four of us that were stewardesses on the night, Natalie, Sharon, Suzy and myself. Sharon and Suzie were both submissives of Madame Caramel’s and me and Natalie were the ‘ringers’ brought in for the night. We all got ready at Caramel’s, some quicker than others it has to be said, and after my biggest relief of the evening which was finding out that the dress still fits, we headed to the venue. We all headed over to the venue in the same car and I have to admit I had been slightly terified about this part of the night for the whole week leading up to it because I knew I meant I had to go outside in daylight as Jess! The walk from Caramel’s flat to the car was only afew hundred meters and down a few flights of stairs but as we were leaving the flat in my mind it might as well have been a few hundred miles. As nervous as I was, I survived and it really wasn’t so bad.

I think as I had put this off for years now I had just built it up in my head to be worse and worse when really its ok. Although driving over to the venue I have never been more aware of how many traffic lights there are in London, stopping at every single one (at least it felt like that) on a busy saturday afternoon/evening did make me very nervous but as before, it was all fine :)

The venue itself was fantastic and was spread over four floors with a large room and bar on the ground floor, floors two and three were set up with tables and chairs and the very top floor was a bit of a play room. We got to the venue just before 6 so we were there to meet and greet guess as they arrived, make sure they had a drink and generally help where needed. To my surprise quests started arriving just before 7 and by around 7:45 almost everyone was there (Domme ladies arriving on time to things now I have seen it all!)

It was great to see the ladies arrive and to see what they were wearing, there was a real mix of ball gowns and latex and everyone looked amazing. It was great to see some familier faces I hadn’t seen for a while and it was great to see some new faces I had only previously seen online.

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It wasn’t long before the evenings entertainment got underway wth Sophia Larou singing with all the guests in the large room on the ground floor. She sounded fantastic and looked incredible, I knew this was going to be a great evening from then on. As the evening went on everyone moved upstairs to find where they were sitting and before long the first of the latex fashion shows was underway. This one was by Olympia Latex and fair to say it went down very well with everyone and I personal loved it. (I think Rebecca from Yummy Gummy latex might be my new biggest crush as she looked incredible in her outfit for this show, and every time I saw her that night actually but ssshhh).

Later on in the evening Vivienne L’Amour performed a few of her own songs written specifically for the Femdom Ball and I have to say her first Jazzy style song was particular good, one of the highlights of the evening for me. Now I know what you are thinking, so much entertainment that was surely it for the evening. Well you would be wrong because there was another fashion show from none other than Bondinage which was another highlight of my night, yep I bloody love latex! This fashion show was a lot of fun and it is safe to say the Dommes modelling were not short of confidence. It resembled more of a conga line than a fashion show by the end. Needless to see everyone looked amazing in the Bondinage latex and I was left with the overwhelming thought of I need more latex in my live!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another highlight of the evening for me was the raffle, and being a Femdom ball you will not be surprised to hear this wasn’t your ordinary village church fete raffle with the chance to win some home made jam.  No, no no – this was a Femdom raffle so the prizes included bdsm toys, certificates for latex and certificates to stay the night at a dungeon in London. You wouldn’t get that at the church fete! The other twist with this raffle was that the tickets were the subs. Each Domme that wanted to enter sent their sub to be the ticket and Mistress Absolute wrote a number on them, then when the numbers were selected the sub had to show the room the number where ever it was written. I have to admit I was with Natalie and we were trying to work out if we could enter the raffle ourselves as I am sure Natalie had her eye on the latex certificate and I had fallen in love with one of the floggers. As we were trying to work out if Mistress Absolute would let us just enter on own I had a tap on the shoulder from Mistress Aquilina asking if I had been claimed for the raffle, and if not then I had now. So with a big 14 writtten across my thigh I was now happily Aquilina’s ticket but luck was not on our side as we didn’t win anything. :(

I think after the Bondinage conga line and the raffle the evening had more of a party feel about it (the wine might have played it’s part there as well) and the rest of the evening flew by so quickly. The rest of the night was spent mingling between all the floors, chatting to people and drinking a occassional glass of wine. Vivienne L’Amour was also interviewing a few people for Latex Fashion TV and I did a very quick one with her which was a lot of fun.

It was so good to meet afew new people, Dommes, subs and latex designers and was fantastic to catch up with a few people. The only downside to the whole evening was how quickly the evening went by and that I didnt get round to saying hello to every one I would have liked to, will have to fix that next time. I am already looking forward to the Femdom Ball 2016!

I can’t write a blog post about the ball without saying a huge thank you to Madame Caramel for both organising it and for inviting me to come help on the night. I think everyone will agree what a fantastic night it was and that was largely down to Madame Carame’ls orgainising both in the weeks and months beforehand and on the day itself. Also I think Mistress Absolute was fantastic organising and making herself heard on the night in a room full of Dommes. The night wouldn’t have been as big a success as it was without those two, so a huge thank you from me!

That just leaves me to say it was so good to meet afew new people, Dommes, subs and latex designers and was fantastic to catch up with a few people. The only downside to the whole evening was how quickly the evening went by and that I didnt get round to saying hello to every one I would have liked to, will have to fix that next time. I am already looking forward to the Femdom Ball 2016!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The night didn’t didnt actually quite end there as there was an after party at Club Rub. After a quick change, me, Natalie, Mistress Inka, Ma’am Malice and her partner jumped in a taxi and headed to Club Rub, there were a number of others from the ball already there and we ended up staying right till the end of the night. It was a great end to a great day but by 5am I was more than ready to take the heels off!

I can’t wait for Femdom Ball 2016 (my feet should have recovered by then…)!

All pictures in slide shows taken by bobette.

JD x x

Weekend with Megara Furie – The ‘Good Noodles’ Weekend Part 2

Following on from Weekend with Megara Furie – The ‘Good Noodles’ Weekend Part 1 where we left it me struggling to sleep the night after our first filming, lets pick things up again in part 2.

The next day was a relatively early start as we wanted to fit in more filming before I had to catch my flight back to Bristol. We did four more clips of various lengths and a few different things. The first clip was a foot worship clip, baring in mind I have a foot and leg fetish and Megara has the most stunning legs and feet, I shouldn’t have to tell you I quite enjoyed this one! It was a school teacher/pupil roleplay with me having to ‘earn’ extra marks by worshipping and kissing the teachers feet while I dressed in my school girl uniform and boots. Not a bad way to start a Sunday I think you would agree!

foot worship

The next two clips were the two painful ones of the weekend, the spanking and the caning. In these clips I was being punished for not pleasing others enough and Megara having complaints about me. (very unlike me……) The first time it happened I was spanked until my bum was as red as my dress. Then after more complaints I had to be punished further, so I was to be caned until I was as blue as my dress, a very fun little twist on the idea I thought!

This was the first time in a while I have felt the cane and it is amazing that it still makes me feel so nervous. Just before the caning clip was actually the only time I really felt nerves all weekend. I was hoping I wasn’t too much out of practice and that I could cope ok. Turns out I could, and I loved it, I actually kind of wanted more at the end. (once again a good example of me being a greedy sub)

The last clip was also linked with these two and it was a smoking clip. ! The whole smoking fetish isn’t one of my personal fetishes but something I will do occasionally on camera. Also at this stage after the caning I was very much back in the very submissive mood I had felt before and I really didn’t want to stop filming! The story for this one was that after even more complaints about me I was reduced to being Megara’s ash tray as I was no good at being anything else, I think that was the storyline but in all honesty I am struggling to remember that one as my head had gone into some sort of gooey submissive mush for a brief period!

After we had finished my filming Megara did a few more clips with another sub which were all about ballbusting. There isn’t many things I would never want to try within the world of kink but it is fair to say ball busting is one of the them, I just don’t think I could handle that! But because I know I couldn’t do it, it means I have a huge amount of respect for the subs that do.  This is something I never thought I would say but on this occassion it was quite fun to see someone else get kicked in the balls ;)

So before I knew it, it was time to head back to the airport and catch my flight back to Bristol. Something I will always enjoy is the feeling after a caning or spanking as a reminder of the fun I have just had. I am happy to say this was no exception, I had the warming glow of a caned bum the whole journey back all the way until I got into bed in my flat that night (with a big smile on my face) As well as the bruises there was also the frustration, that hit me hard that night and there was no release from chastity when I got home. Infact I am writing this almost two weeks later and I am still lying in bed, feeling frustrated hoping and wondering and slightly panicing about when Megara might decide she wants the chastity device to come off!

That just leaves me to say a great big thank you to Megara for having me over for the 3 days and for making it one of the most fun weekends I have had for a long time! It is fair to say Megara had quite the impact on me!

I can’t wait to be able to do it all and I am looking forward to my next trip to Glasgow already! (If you are reading this Megara, I am free the week after next…….haha)

Here is a very small taster of the clips we filmed, if you want see the whole thing then check out Megara Furies’s clip store

JD x x

Weekend with Megara Furie – The ‘Good Noodles’ Weekend Part 1

A few weeks ago  I spent a long weekend in Glasgow staying with Megara Furie and what a weekend it was, I absolutely loved it!

But before I get into the juicy details let’s go back to the beginning, and I guess to go right back to the beginning would be back in February when I interviewed Megara for this blog. I knew after the interview that Megara was someone I would love to be able to get to know better. Her passion for bdsm was clear from the start and she seemed like a whole lot of fun, plus she really did seem like a genuinely nice person. Add to that those incredible legs and I was more than keen to meet! So fast forward to this summer and I saw that she was looking for filming subs, so I offered myself. To my delight she say yes, come spend the weekend and we can do some filming in her brand new dungeon (we will get to the new dungeon part in a bit)

Fast forward again to August and dates had been set, flights had been booked and me and Megara had chatted a bit more and had spoken a little about the type of filming we could do, which was safe to say got me very excited about the trip. Oh and then two weeks before the date I was to arrive I was put into chastity…it was then a long two weeks wait until I arrived in Glasgow.

I arrived at Megara’s on the Friday and it was great to finally be able to say hello in person. Although it felt like we knew each other a little already (or at least I felt that) we had never met in person so it was great that we seemed to get on well straight away, no awkward silences haha

Now for those of you that don’t know, Megara has recently moved into a new place and has been building her own brand new dungeon in her basement called ‘The Auld School’ which I got to see almost as soon as I arrived. What was great to see was that enthusiasm and passion I mentioned before from Megara when she was describing the place and what would go where, I have said it before and I will say it again, that passion is infectious! The dungeon wasn’t quite finished when I arrived so the friday night and most of the saturday was spend adding finishing touches and finishing off the little things. I was more than happy to offer any help but being as terrible at DIY as I am, lets just say its lucky there were others there that knew what they were doing. I am pretty sure Megara now knows all there is to know about plumbing, decorating, building…. I stuck with what I know and mainly made the occassional cup of coffee. It was a real pleasure to see it all come together into something that really does look fantastic, and if you had seen the constant smile and excited look on Megara’s face thoughout the day you also would have been smiling form ear to ear.  The candle light, the brick walls and the mixture of implements and unique objects (skulls included of course) all add to the atmosphere of the place and I can imagine a night time session with the flickering candlelight and being under Megara’s control would be something special indeed.

So the dungeon was finished on the Saturday evening and we decided the filming could wait until sunday. Saturday night was a lot of fun but was a kink free night including one or two drinks (I also decided that I dont ever want to have another glass of buckfast again) so I am going to skip that part and move on to sundays filming.

Sunday was a late start (partly due to the buckfast) so after heading out for food and coming back to the dungeon it wasnt till about 6 ish before we started getting ready for filming. The filming we did on Sunday was right up there with one of the most fun things I have ever done on camera, and just so happened to be the closest I will ever get to a pretty big fantasy of mine, so needless to say I fucking loved it!

In total we did around 7 or 8 10 minute clips all following on from the one story. The story in short was that I was Megara’s boyfriend and she had found my lingerie and was not happy about it, once I had confessed it was mine rather than for anyone else she decided she wanted to see me in it there and then and to humiliate me infront of her. It wasnt long before she then decided I should be locked up in chastity and she devised a chastity game to decide how long I would be locked up for. This involved picking coloured balls out of a bag, blue meaning I stay locked (blue balled, very clever!) and yellow meant I could gain release. With each blue ball picked there was the addition of anal training and a hell of a lot of teasing in the chastity cage using a hitachi wand while my hands were tied. Each addition ball meant the anal training was stepped up until I was ‘ready’ for the strap on. A yellow ball was eventually pulled out of the bag but there was no straight forward unlocking for me, but if you want to find out what happened there you will have to go buy the clip ;)


Megara looked amazing in her outfit and I was/am totally in love with the boots she was wearing during these clips. I honestly just forgot about the camera after a few minutes teasing, and the increasing desperate pleads to unlock me were not put on for the film (the only reason I wasn’t pleading for her to use the strap on earlier was because I was meant to be reluctant in the clips, I struggled with that part haha) After hours of teasing ending in strap on play I was in complete submissive mode, theres not much I wouldn’t have done for her at that moment and I loved that feeling. It had been a long time since I felt that and the strenght of those submissive feelings did take me a little by surprise. That night I didn’t sleep much, partly because of the ricidulous levels of frustration I was going through but also because all those submissive feelings I was having were racing through my head. As the night went on and they started to fade my main thought was that I wanted them back, and little did I know I would only have to wait one more day….

Here is a very small taster of the clips we filmed, if you want see the whole thing then check out Megara Furies’s clip store

More to come very soon in part 2

JD x x

Chastity – Sometimes it’s really ummm hard!

First off I should point out this is just based on my experience, I am far from the biggest expert in this but I have a little experience and I know how big a fantasy/fetish chastity is for many people out there so here is my thoughts on a few of the key issues surrounding it.

I want to say this at the very start because for me it is the most important thing about any sort of chastity play.

No matter what fantasy you might have around being locked up, if the will to stay locked up for that particular person isn’t there then just don’t bother. Don’t just do it with anyone, and this is why, 99.9% of chastity devices are escapable, if you want to get out of the device then you can, no matter what lock you use. You have to find someone you really want to do it for and then you have to be HONEST about it! If those two things are not there then I don’t think it will work.

My Interest in Chastity

For as long as I have been interested in BDSM I have had an interested in chastity but if you are not into chastity or have not much experience you might be asking why would someone want to do that, why would someone what to have a device locked on them which stops the ability to ejaculate or even have an erection. Well I’m sure everyone has a different answer to this but for me its all about control. The very core of my love for BDSM comes down to control and giving that control over to someone else. In my opinion giving someone control of chastity and your chances of having an orgasm it one of the ultimate ways of giving someone control of yourself. The right Domme can use this control of chastity to push boundaries, help a sub explore new things or just be very cruel and keep them frustrated and desperate to please, or all three and more. Its this control and power that the Domme has over the sub which I like. I like having boundaries pushed and being influenced to try new unexpected things and deep down I even like the teasing and frustration side of things (but lets keep that between us)

Picking a device

In terms of finding the right device for you as far as I know there is no rules here, everyone if different and what works for one person might not work for another. I think the best thing to do if possible, is to try a few different devices, there are so many out with different designs made from different materials thats I am sure there is one that will work for everyone. I personally have tried a few and I find the cb6000s the most comfortable so far but if i was to ever do real longer term chastity play I would want to have a custom sized mature metal device, but they are more pricey and therefore would only do if in a real committed long term bdsm relationship. I would recommend the cb range is a good place to start in terms of devices.

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Now the fun starts

So now  you have your device and you have found someone you want to stay locked for and you want her or him to control your release (and you are going to be honest about it), the fun can start! And if you have found the right keyholder for you than it really is a lot of fun. You will find yourself wanting to please and wanting to keep her or him happy and this can a lot of fun because all of a sudden all suggestions/tasks/orders become even more important to achieve for your keyholder, the more creative they are, the more fun it will be for you both. Not knowing when you will be allowed release is also a huge thrill, not knowing if that day will be the day you get let out, that is the control side of things I said I love!

It’s Hard!

Now don’t get me wrong, chastity is hard, really hard at times. You will loose sleep, you will be woken up in the middle of the night when your imagination gets the better of you and you wake up trying to get an erection only for that cage to deny you. You will at times want to rip the damn cage off just for the chance of an orgasm. You will find it uncomfortable at times and you will almost randomly at times start straining in your cage. For me this is worse for the first week or two and then sleeping in the device becomes easier and wearing it day to day starts to feel like the norm, believe it or not but sometimes you even forget you are wearing it at all.

Rise of Emotions

The other thing I find difficult is the effect chastity has on your emotions. The lows become lower but it is 100% worth it because the highs become incredible. I have a (bad) habit of hiding emotions or bottling them up but this becomes more and more difficult when locked up for longer and longer and sometimes this is difficult to deal with. You might find yourself getting emotional at something you normally wouldn’t, and by emotional I do mean it could be unusually happy, sad, angry or anything else. At the time of writing this I have been locked up for four weeks and the other night I watched a video of a puppy online and was almost in tears, that is very unlike me! (for starters if I was unlocked I would have been watching something else on video late at night  ;) ) It is something to bare in mind and hopefully something your keyholder is aware of as well.

Communication is key

Due to all of the things I have said before communication is hugely important when doing chastity. Although I should point out despite starting to feel more and more needy, when I say communication I don’t mean messaging your keyholder every hour of the day. What I mean is communication from both sides, if you are going though something emotion, or struggling with the frustration then don’t do it alone, talk to your keyholder, explain why its difficult.  They will most probably explain to you why you will still remain locked but just having that conversation will help! Also communication is vital if the device becomes uncomfortable or painful in any way, as fun as chastity is, it shouldn’t cause any harm or real irritation to the skin.

When you just cant cope!

There will be times when you just think you can’t continue anymore (and in the past I have just stopped with or without premission, bad Jess!!) but the ‘all I want to do is rip it off’ feelings will past.That is important to remember! I think it is important to find something that takes your mind off things and allows you to calm down a bit. This could be reading a book, watching a film, listening to music or anything else really. For me it is going for a run, it just clears my head and I normally find I can cope much better when I get home and have showered. This also goes back to having a keyholder that you really want to do it for, it is having that, that will ultimately stop you from taking it off and maybe going for a run instead. Again in these cases communication is very important, and I think it is important for a keyholder to know when to be reassuring and understanding rather than mean and teasing!

Keeping things clean

I also thought it was worth adding a little thing keeping things clean as it is important. I would always recommend completely shaving down there before putting the device on as hairs caught in the device hurt. In terms of cleaning, get yourself some cotton buds and some Imperial leather Foamburst and jobs a good’un. Also baby oil will become a life saver, daily use of it around the ring of the device while in the shower should stop any irritation.

As with all bdsm the most important thing is keep it fun!

JD x x

Enslaved Magazine

I had a bit of a surprise this week when part two of my interview with TsCaramel was published in Enslaved sissies and Maids and a few copies of the Magazine arrived in the post. Incase you missed the first part it was published in Transformation magazine, just follow that link and have a read.

Ensalved cover

Along with Transformation, Enslaved sissies and Maids is another magazine run by Centurian Publishing, which as you should be able to guess is very much focused on bdsm, feminisation, sissifacation. Infact they can explain it better than I can :

Enslaved sissies and Maids – This magazine is devoted to men and women who enslave and transform men into sissies, maids, she-males and sluts

Those of you that know me, will know I don’t really associate with being a ‘sissy’ but for those of you that know me really well know I am occassionally known to be a bit slutty….haha

This second part of the interview focuses more on the bdsm and bondage side of things, which obviously is something I love so it was great to see it in print. I should however point out this was done a little while ago now and a few of the things I talk about are a little out of date but I feel like I am always learning about things I like and dislike so that was always going to happen. I did loved being able to read it again though :)

Once again a great big thank you to TsCaramel and Hanna from Centurian!

JD x x