First year of Interviews

You know those tv episodes where it turns out to be pretty much old clips of previous episodes, well good news everyone because this blog post is my blogs equivalent, but lets be honest, when the ‘old clips from previous episodes’ are all about these stunning ladies, who wouldn’t want a refresher!

In July last year I started doing interviews on my blog and have been lucky enough to interview some incredible Domme ladies who I have admired for as long as I have been into kink. As it had now been one year since my first interview with Nikki Whiplash, I thought it would be a good idea to put them all in one easy to find post. So thats exactly what I have done here, no need to thank me ;)

Hope you enjoy the read whether this is your first, second or even your tenth time viewing them!

  • Nikki Whiplash

Interview with Nikki Whiplash Part 1

Interview with Nikki Whiplash Part 2


  • Miss Sarah Jessica

Interview with Miss Sarah Jessica

Miss Sarah Jessica 9

  • Miss Jessica Wood

Interview with Miss Jessica Wood

Miss Jessica Wood 9

  • Mistress Evilyne

Interview with Mistress Evilyne

Photo 07-01-2015 21 16 46

  • Megara Furie

Interview with Megara Furie

Photo 05-02-2015 17 47 59

  • Mistress Cara Sutra

Interview with Mistress Cara Sutra

Photo 12-03-2015 17 28 41 (1)

  • Fetish Liza

Interview with Fetish Liza

Photo 01-05-2015 12 19 08

There will be plenty more interviews to come in the future on my blog so expect to see lots more in the next year! 

JD x x

It’s the little things that count

So we all know I love BDSM and kink just as much as I enjoy dressing up but other than the obvious reason what are the more sutble reasons I love what I love. They say that it is all about the little things but what exactly are these little things when it comes to kink? Well here are some that came to mind when I asked myself that very question.

The little things

  • The sound of heels on a wooden floor.
  • The sight of your chastity key around the neck of your Domme.
  • The smell of latex.
  • The way latex looks once its shined.
  • LATEX!
  • Seeing yourself in the mirror just after you have had your corset tightened.
  • That nervous pause before the first strike of the cane.
  • Putting on stockings just after shaving your legs.
  • Hearing the phrase ‘good girl’.
  • Noticing the smile on a Domme’s face knowing you are the reason.
  • Hearing ‘I will do your make up Jess’.
  • The sound of handcuffs being locked on my wrists.
  • Sitting down the next day and feeling those bruises from the spanking the day before.
  • When a Domme lifts your face up by your chin to look at her in the eyes, using just one finger.
  • The marks that rope leaves on the skin after being tied up.
  • Being tied up in rope.
  • The bitter sweet frustration of chastity.

If you are reading my list and shouting at the screen because I have missed something off then I would love to hear what that might be, please feel free to add any extras in a comment.

JD x x

Transformation Magazine

I had some very exciting news in the last week and that news was that the copy of Transformation magazine containing an interview with me was being released. transformation 7For those of you that don’t know, Transformation is a magazine published by Centurian Publishing, which im going to go out on a limb and say they have been around in one form or another longer than I have! Transformation is one of three magazines Centurian publish and is a magazine for the CD/TS/TG community and everything that could fall into that. A mixture of advice, interviews, pictures, and other interesting articles and now also an interview with yours truly. To explain how this came about I actually have to go back quite a long way. The majority of the interview was done with TsCaramel back in 2014, with a couple of extra questions added in more recently. When Caramel originally asked me if I would like to have the interview in Transformation after checking she was sure they would want to put my interview in the magazine,  I of course said yes immediately. This is another exciting first for me, first time my picture has been in print (as far as i know lol) and first time I have answered questions and explained my thoughts/opinions on a few topics, in print. So that was the words part done and dusted, Caramel then mentioned about sending a few pictures to use alongside the interview. In terms of which pictures to use this was a no brainer, it had to be my English Mansion pictures. As always English mansion were fantastic and happy to help so one evening I headed over and we went through a couple and picked a handful to send across to the folk at Transformation. So words done, pictures done, that was all I needed to do so that just left me having to be patient and wait for the magazine. If you read this blog regularly, or if you know me,  you will probably know patience is not my strong point, especially when I’m waiting for something as exciting as this. I wasn’t actually sure what to expect from my interview, I didn’t see it until it was released and I didn’t know which pictures they would use or even how many, but I got my hands on a copy of the magazine a few days ago and what can I say other than it is so worth the wait because I love the finished article and I couldn’t be happier with it. I also have really enjoyed reading the whole magazine and the girls in there are absolutely stunning, I now have a huge crush on Aubrey Kate, and Holly Parker and Miran….the list could go on… I think it’s a fantastic magazine and think you should all go and order yourself a copy ;)

You also may notice that there will be a follow-up with a bit more details on the bdsm side on things in one of Centurian’s other magazines, so watch this space! That just leaves me to say a big thank you to Hanna from Transformation magazine for publishing my interview in your fantastic magazine, a huge thank you to Tscarmel for making it all happen and thank you to English Mansion for the pictures :)

JD x x

Confidence, it’s an up and down thing

As  some of you probably know I don’t dress up fully that often at the moment, no more than a couple of times a month. Yesterday was one of those days, as I had the flat to myself I thought it was a great chance to dress up and play around with the camera and a few toys. This is all well and good but this fact alone is not enough to make a blog post but I do have a point to make here, I promise this isn’t a shameless excuse to add pictures of me flashing my arse again (well not totally anyway).

I wanted to talk about confidence as it is still something that I struggle with and it is something that still fluctuates with me massively. What I find amazing, actually amazing is not the right word, what I find massively frustrating is the fact that when I go weeks without dressing up this can have a large effect on my confidence. My confidence in my dressing can drop quite a bit in these ‘barren spells’ which normally leads me to feeling as sorts of doubts and reasons why I shouldn’t try that dress or those heels on. I’m sure im not alone in that sometimes after I haven’t dressed for a while and my confidence is low, even when I have the opportunity to dress up, I choose not to. This isn’t because I don’t want to as such, it’s because those pesky little voices in my head have had time to grow and are telling me ‘what if I don’t look good’, ‘what if that no longer fits’, ‘what if I just look in the mirror and I see boy mode in a dress’, ‘What if I will never look like I did last time’. I have always had these doubts and worries and although it is a lot less often I let them bother me, they are still there waiting, biding their time, the little fuckers!

This up and down fluctuation in confidence does seem to hit an all time low if I have not dressed for a while and if the previous time I dressed was from filming (like yesterday). Let me explain that one. Filming is brilliant and I love how I look from it, but when doing it there is always someone doing my make up, helping pick my outfit (or telling me what to wear) even instructing on positions etc. Also the pictures are taken in good light with good quality cameras and equipment and the pictures are edited (shock horror!). So after all that, of course im happy with how I look. The problem then comes when I’m at home after badly attempting my own make up, using my Iphone to take pics, trying to look how I did before. The phrase fighting a losing battle comes to mind!

I know this is largely in my head and it probably me being a bit stupid but is it something that often crosses my mind so I wanted to put in down on paper. I did then remember that isn’t how this whole blog thing works so typed it up on my computer, but you knew that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now. Any who, I digress, where were we…Confidence, for me it is a complicated and difficult thing to understand and get on top of.

However, as frustrating as this is there does seem to be an obvious fix, and that fix is dressing up more. This is often easier said than done but in fairness I don’t always put enough effort in to find the time for this. So new plan is to really make the most of any time I have to myself and to continue to explore, dress and learn (largely practising make up) as often as I can. Hopefully this will stop the large fluctuation in confidence I have been going through for as long as I can remember.  Well that’s my newest plan anyway, let’s see if it works!

Oh and here are those ‘none shameless’ pics from yesterday I mentioned, Spot the attempted ‘Domme’ style poses ;)

JD x x

English Mansion at Dungeon Manor

You know when you have two really good things and you combine them to make something special, like strawberries and cream or fish and chips or pizza and beer or coke and ummm, like two cokes, well I would add another one to the list – English Mansion and Dungeon Manor. Allow me to explain. (I realise all those examples are food and drink related, I was hungry whilst writing this.)

If you have read my blog before the chances are you will know what a huge fan of The English Mansion I am and how much I love to go and film with them when ever I am given the opportunity.  Also you might have seen that I visited Dungeon Manor recently and had a great couple of days there including a little bit of filming. So with that in mind you might be able to imagine I was a little excited about being asked if I would like to go to Dungeon Manor and film with English Mansion, two of my favourite Femdom places combined for one shoot!  Obviously that is a huge yes please, sign me up! If I had to walk there then I would have (luckily my car was working and turned out to be the better method of travel, but you get my point) and I’m very happy to say that shoot is exactly what I was doing a few weeks ago.

I arrived at Dungeon Manor the evening before filming to be greeted by Ely with a big hug and a house full of people. I also was able to say hello in person for the first time to Ely’s sub charlotte, who is lovely. The house was full of people, a mixture of Dommes and subs and turned out to be sub training for house submissives for Pedestal but things seemed to be winding down for the evening as I arrived. This was only my second visit to Dungeon Manor but I am already realising you never know what to expect when you arrive there.  There always seems to be something happening, it’s never dull and for someone that goes without kink for large periods of time its a fantastic feeling to immerse yourself into the kink lifestyle that surrounds the place. I personally love it and the feelings that come with that, plus Ely lives there so win win really!

The next day started with a relatively early start and the first thing planned was having our make up done by a professional make up artist.  I have to say I loved having this done and was really happy with it after she had finished…. dare I say it but I don’t think I looked half bad. The hardest part now will be when I next do my own make up again and it goes back to looking like a small child did it! Still, I asked quite a lot of questions while she was applying different things and hopefully took away a little bit of her vast knowledge.

The filming itself was very different to any previous filming I had done in the past for two reasons, the first being that it was a group thing with 5 Domme ladies, Mistress Sidonia, Mistress Evilyne, Governess Ely, Goddess Miss Kelly and Mistress Vivienne l’Amour. Then there was me, charlotte, squealy and tiffany as the subs. The second difference with this filming was the fact that all the scenes were linked and followed one after the other, which I really liked the idea of.

The rough outline of the story was that we were at a Femdom party at a household run by Domme women, squealy had arrived at the house after answering an advert for a sub but upon arrival discovered that men are not welcome in this house and that meant he would be feminised, whether he liked it or not. All the ladies looked amazing with a mixture of beautiful ball gowns and latex/rubber dresses. Mistress Vivienne l’Amour looked incredible in her lime green latex dress and I have to admit I caught myself a couple of times throughout the day just looking at her in her dress thinking ‘wow, stunning'; I just hope this wasn’t picked up on camera…! Also my foot and leg fetish seems to be growing and Goddess Miss Kelly happened to be wearing a dress which showed off her legs perfectly, and I luckily got to have a closer look at them later in the day, but I will get to that in a bit.

When the filming started I didn’t really have to do much to start with other than pour the occasional glass of champagne as it was charlotte showing squealy how to be the perfect sissy to begin with followed by squealy getting quite a bit of abuse from almost all the ladies. While this was happening It didn’t take long for me to realise where squealy got his name from and some of the noises he was making really made it difficult to keep a straight face, I have to say though seeing what was happening to him, rather him than me is all I will say. This section of filming finished with squealy in a cage and us other three subs lined up for a bit of anal play, and in my case a bit of shoe worship with Goddess Miss Kelly at the same time which turned out to be a recurring theme of the day I am very glad to say.

The next section of the filming was my favourite part of the day even if it was technically my punishment. I was being punished for two reasons, the first thing was for me being lippy and the second for me not cleaning properly, I know what you are thinking, that doesn’t sound like me at all………. Governess Ely and Goddess Miss Kelly were dishing out my punishment and they both used a mixture of hitty things including a hairbrush (which actually hurt like hell), a few paddles and the cane. It had been a while since I had had the cane and I really did enjoy being caned by two beautiful Dommes, and loved the fact the marks lasted for a good few days after I got home. On a side note this was also the first time I had been caned with a butt plug in, adds a little something extra, highly recommended if you are into that sort of thing ;)

The rest of the filming involved a smoking/spitting scene with all the Dommes and charlotte Then squealy (now feminised) was used by all the ladies again. To be honest I couldn’t tell you any details about what happened on the last scene even if I wanted to because the whole time I was worshipping both Governess Ely’s and Goddess Miss Kelly’s feet and at the time not much else mattered, despite squealy’s squeals of pain or pleasure or both??

So what did I miss, oh yeah there was also rope, chastity, pink bondage tape and I was given a new corset so all round another really fun day filming. A huge thank you goes out to everyone there for allowing me to be part of the day and especially to Mistress Evilyne and Mistress Sidonia for inviting me to come along and film, I really do enjoy it every time, thank you!

JD x x

Interview with Fetish Liza

I am deighted to be able to post my most recent interview on my blog, an interview with Fetish Liza. I have been a fan of Liza ever since I first saw her pictures online when I was first getting into kink all those years ago, and have wanted to meet her for just as long. So you can imagine my how happy I was when she said it would be possible to meet me in ‘sunny’ Swindon for a couple of hours for me to ask her a few questions. I have to say I am even more of a fan now we have met and found some of the topics of conversation incredibly interesting and eye opening. I really do hope that we are able to meet again soon and its safe to say I have never wanted to visit Germany or Hungray more than I do now!

I huge thank you to Liza for taking a couple of hours out of her very busy schedule and doing the interview with me. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

  • How did you first get into the world of kink, is it something that was always an interest?

It started a long time ago, I was very sexually immature until I was about 18 years old when I went for my first and only piercing in a fetish and piercing shop. Downstairs they had clothes, shoes, rubber and latex and upstaies was the actual piercing shop. I got my piercing but I was more interested in the clothing downstairs so I started to save up my money to buy my first pair of shoes and bit by bit I started to build up a small collection of clothes. I then saw an advert in a magazine in Belgium for a photographer that was looking for models. I wasn’t really the type to just say yes I’m going to do this, this is cool. Actually I was wary of it, I thought I’m going to do this once and see how it goes. I went and did it and he was a really nice guy and the pictures were great and by the next day I already had another job and people started booking me. I got in contact with a photographer from the States and I started doing more professional shoots.

The person that got me more into real fetlish and domination was a guy called Tony Ward, a photographer from Philadelphia and he did shoots with me in black and white with things like strap ons etc. Although its not now, 15 years ago it was a big deal. I liked it and he said to me I should do this professionally, so I started to make a very small amateur website and it went ok so I took a bit of a risk by making my own websites and build it up bit by bit from there.

  • How did you first get into being a pro Domme, was it something that you always wanted to try, did it happen quite quickly after getting into kink?

It was actually the same guy, he was looking for a fetish model, someone with a dominant look. I was working as an operator in like a webcam house, so I would check the girls were doing their shifts etc and he picked me out of all the girls there, he said I looked very strict like a dominatrix. I wasnt really aware of it at that stage but thanks to him I started to explore. I never grew up thinking yes I am going to be a Domme, just bit by bit one thing led to another. Its very hard to say an exact date when it happened. I started with very soft fetishy stuff and have grown into different areas of domination, and there are still areas I would not do now, I think everyone has their areas of speciality or their interests. I dont have the feeling that I have to know everything and do everything, I do what I like to do, and maybe next year I will like to do something else and then I will do that. I dont feel the pressure to learn lots of things that are of no interest to me, for example rope bondage, I can’t even tie my shoe laces properly. I’m not ashamed to admit if I am not good at it, there are other people that are fabulous at it, so why would I learn it and not do it wholeheartedly when somebody else loves it and they are very good at it.

  • What is your favourite thing about being a pro Domme?

Meeting people and making them happy. I know a lot of people would say its the subs that have to make you happy but I think it works both ways, that is my main thing.

Is it mainly regulars that you see for sessions or mainly new people?

I think on each trip it is about 80% regular people and everytime I get new people coming in. I try to organise my trips a few months in advance but even with regulars it is not always possible for them to meet me if I am only there for a few days. So every trip I will have some new people and in general people will return, but also some people will see you once and then want to see someone else because they like the variety, which is also fine.

  • What was your worst/best previous job before being a Domme?

My best job is the one I have now because I have my own freedom. I don’t think I would want to do anything else. I only want to expand by adding new things like a fetish bed and breakfast and maybe even my own clothing brand.

My worst job is probably a dish washer at a highway restaurant. That was when I was 16 during school holidays, I was literally up to my elbows in all kinds of dirty stuff.

Well somethings haven’t changed.

Haha yes, I had to put my whole arm into the machine to get all the dirt out and without gloves, maybe thats why I love my gloves now.

  • How can a submissive contact you to arrange a session?

Its best to email me, they can find my email address on my website. Some people also get in touch with me on twitter which is fine, but they would still have to email me. I dont give out any phone number until they have a confirmed booking which means they have paid a deposit, because I know from experience if you give out your phone number people will call you for different reasons. I just don’t have time for it, I am always travelling, working or sessioning so I just don’t have time to chit chat with everyone and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I think in an initial email they can put what they are looking for, interests, things they don’t want to do and a bit about their personality and that is actually all I need to know, the rest I will see on the day itself.

It is sad to say that there are a lot of time wasters and fakes in England, and London.

Is it worse in England than in other countries?

Yes, and it is only getting worse but that is probably because there are a lot of people that know about it and do it. In other countries the majority of people that contact me will end up sessioning with me whereas the majority that contact me in England don’t have any intention of seeing me. I get a lot of emails but I can stop the fakes by the way people write the emails and try to formulate how they want to session with you and the type of questions they ask. It is quite sad because there are still a lot of genuine people out there. Its a shame because the Dommes get annoyed and then maybe the next email is from someone genuine and it can be hard to not let the last one annoy you, you have make sure you treat every individual separately.

  • What can a client expect from you in their first visit to see you?

In general I will ask them a few things in an email and then when I see them the first time I take about 10 minutes just to talk with them. For some reason they are all very nervous and start knocking things over haha. So I will just sit down with them and help them calm down. Whether they travel by car or tube or whatever, they had a journey to come see me so they are not in the right frame of mind so the 5 or 10 mins helps them get their head together or to chill out. We will talk about their interests, health issues or if certain parts of the body are more fragile than others, then we will get on with it. In general I don’t use a safe word because I don’t think I need one, I just tell them keep it simple, if they want me to stop say stop, no green light or red light or anything, stop is effective. After the session they can shower and talk about about what they enjoyed and I just make sure they are not wandering around on a different cloud when they leave.

  • Other than real time how can a submissive serve you? Do you do anything other than real time?

No, I have my membership websites, clip stores and building my own dungeon at home. I do private shoots so people can book me to be in a photo shoot or video but for their own private use. A bit like custom videos but they can actually be in it. I organise kinky trips, so it could be organising shoots for them, bringing them to parties, showing them where to shop and things like that. I travel a lot and don’t have time for phone or webcam.

Is it just because you don’t have time or is it also because you wouldn’t enjoy it?

I did webcam stuff about 15 years ago, it was still in the beginning and new and exciting but now it’s just not my thing, now my time is more important. If I have some free time I dont want to sit behind a webcam and I certainly don’t want to be on a phone. I think I do enough!

  • Are you looking for a personal sub?

I have two and a few people in my personal life that serve me once in a while, for example I have a slave in Switzerland that I will see a few times a year. I dont want this 24/7 grovelling, I can’t handle it. I don’t want to wake up every single day with someone sniffing at my feet. I think it’s a mind set, you can have your playful moments but I wouldn’t want someone in my dungeon living there for months on end because it would drive me nuts. I need my space and my privacy and I don’t want somebody there all the time.

  • I know you have a few websites, where can people find them and what other sites do you use?

I have three main sites

I am also working on two others called Dirty Dommes and Dirty Trans Dolls which will hopefully be up and running by May. Dirty Dommes will be all my Femdom stuff and Dirty Trans Dolls will be me with other Dommes, crossdressers, transvestites and rubber dolls. Whereas my fetishLiza site will be more a personal website and just me, it used to be all under one site but I think its better to separate it.

Also I use twitter and facebook and instagram.

  • Do you have a favourite piece of equipment/favourite toy?

I’m not really an equipment type of person, I like the body contact. I like my outfits and my gloves etc but the things I use the most are strap ons of various sizes which I like because it keeps me in shape haha. I also like nipple clamps, a flogger and I like furniture like bondage beds or strap on bench. I dont really need that much equipment. For me the use of too much equipment bores me.

  • What is your favourite fetish outfit to wear?

It really depends on my mood or where I am going or who I am wearing it with, and why I’m wearing it. In general I do like leather but my favourite is a latex catsuit, boots, gloves and corset, I can wear that for days on end. I have being doing it for 15 years so have quite a collection, a lot of people ask me how big is my closet, well my closet is the whole of the third floor, hundreds of things and hundreds of boots and shoes but I still end up wearing the same ones.

Do you have a favourite latex shop or store?

Yes I like Bondinage because the guy that makes it is a good friend of mine, he gets my measurements right. If there is something wrong he will fix it and he gives good after service which is not always the case. I think if your spend £500 on a catsuit of £300 on a corset and it rips then they should fix it and for free. I’m not going to give out the brand but I got a pair of gloves and they had a tiny hole in them and the company charged me to fix it, because of that I will not shop there again.

  • What are the best qualities you look for in a sub?

Honesty, I hate lies. Also loyalty, cleanliness and if I can earn their trust eventually.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to a sub what would it be?

If you want to session with me or book a shoot then keep it short and to the point on the first email. Just give me an introduction on who you are and what you are looking for and keep it short. I have a lot of people asking for custom videos and before I have even said yes they will send me three pages of writing, I don’t have time to read three pages! I will know more about a person talking to them on the phone for 5 or 10 minutes then reading what they wrote down for pages and pages in emails.

  • What are the top 3 mistakes you find a sub makes with you?

I have never had anyone make any mistakes during or after, I don’t think I would session with anyone that made a mistake before so session wise we are fine. If I meet them I have already filtered them.

One thing I can’t stand it is when peple send me repetitive messages. I will answer a message and then they will send me each question in a different message so one day I will have 50 emails from one person. Just put it in one email and keep it short and to the point. As I get so many emails every day I need to know who is who, I’m very good at that but I can’t attach 50 emails in my brain to this person or that person, so I always say reply to each email so I can see the whole conversation.

Another thing is assuming I will do certain things, because I do certain things in videos doesn’t mean I will do it in sessions. Sessions, videos, real life, everything is different.

I think in all the years I have sessioned I have only had a few people that cancelled last min, but because I ask for a deposit which is none refundable I have already covered myself. People always forget that I come from a different country and have a suitcase and a bag and I will bring rubber, boots, leather in that. I have no problem with someone asking for me to wear something they have seen in the video but people forget I have to drag it all round the airport and if it’s cancelled I’m doing that for nothing and that pisses me off. Luckily that doesnt happen often.

  • How do you prepare for a session or a scene to get into Domme head space? Do you have to?

Generally I don’t really book that many people in a day. Even though I am a pro Domme and I do sessions its not my main job, when I come over I don’t have to do a certain amount of sessions to cover costs and basically pay bills from it. I do the sessions with the people I think it will be fun with and there are quite a few that I do say no I don’t think this is going to work.

If I have a session on that day I will just check in the morning if I have the time right and send them a message where possible. I will prepare my outfit, make sure the dungeon is clean and ready and read up about who they are and that’s it, the rest comes naturally. I dont have to think or plan an order, I just know their certain interests and go with that. Everything else depends on body language on the day.

I think I am the same person now as I would be if I was in a dungeon, I can be sweet, I can laugh and don’t think you have to take it too seriously but if you piss me off you will know about it.

  • Do you have a different approach to male/female subs? Do you see female subs?cd?

I very rarely have female subs, I do sometimes have some couples but I don’t think I treat them any differently, I am always the same. I don’t really think about it. I don’t really see many crossdressers or TVs in sessions, I think for some reason I can be still quite taboo, but I’m not going to judge anyone, putting your wig on is just as normal as putting on your rubber shorts or your gimp mask to me, I have been doing this for 15 years they should be relaxed about it with me.

  • I know you travel a lot with your work, do you notice a difference in the fetish scene in different countries?

I think the fetish scene in each country is very different, even the word fetish is different. If you look at Europe fetish mens rubber, leather and dungeons and it is a lot about outfits whereas in the states it can be different, it can be like an ass fetish. I think in every country fetish, kink and bdsm can be seen differently.k

Do you have a favourite country for the fetish and kink side of things?

I do like the fetish weekend in Berlin, for fetish parties that is for me the best. I think it has everything, it’s the right time of year, Berlin is a nice city and you can go from super posh to street and its all well organised. I have been to New York and didn’t see much of the fetish scene but I get the impression its not really that big, but they do have some really good photographers there which I like. I like to session in Switzerland because they are consistant and will book and turn up and are really nice people, it all goes so smoothly and its hassle free sessioning. I do like to come back to England as well, I just think London could be with a bit of an injection of creativity when it comes to parties. I know the people that organise them put a lot of effort into it and I am not criticising them but we could use a bit more spice to get London back on the map for kink.

  • Who would you most like to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, or who would you love to work with again?

I am going to have to make sure I don’t tread on anybody’s toes by not naming someone.

There are quite a few Dommes in the States that I want to work with as I haven’t really worked with anyone over there yet, it would be good to go out there and shoot with a few. It’s hard to say if you haven’t met them though, I have only see them from videos, and you can’t really tell from a video if they will be nice to work with or not. Like anything else with life, some people it works well with, some people it doesn’t. We might be in similar lines of work but we all have different characters and sometimes there are clashes, although I just try to be professional.

Here in England there are quite a few I have worked with and lots on my website, but I really like Nikki Whiplash, I really like her style and her personality. Miss Miranda is also a personal friend of mine and I also like Madame Caramel although I haven’t shot with her too much. Those are the ones that have just popped into my head now but bear in mind I have done over 2000 videos, its like winning the Oscars and not mentioning someone in the thank you speech! In general I have been very lucky and done what I like to do with the people I like to do it with. There are quite a few people I would still like to shoot with in England but it’s finding the time.

I would like to film with Zara DuRose, we have met each other and I am sure we will work together. I also have a girl called Tina Kay and she is coming to Hungary when I am back there, she does more main stream porn but I know from her personality she is a Domme so will be interesting to see how that will work.

  • Where do you get your inspiration for sessions?

Myself, other people and I think I learn a lot from subs in sessions or from people I film with. I dont look at other peoples videos or work, I dont even watch my own.

Why is that?

Because it is in my head and I will do it at the time but when it’s filmed it’s filmed. I don’t edit it, everything is done for me, it is then posted online and for me the moment is gone and I don’t need to look at it again.

The inspiration can come from something simple like a picture I see or from a magazine. I dont go looking for things, but if I see something I like it can be an inspiration for something else.

  • What is your favourite BDSM or Kink website/blog?

I don’t really look at other peoples stuff, I sort of live in my own little world. If someone says I should check something out then I will but I am not a member of any sites or I don’t read anyone’s blog. It is not because it doesn’t interest me, but I see it and experience it everyday so I don’t really need to read or see it on videos. I just do my own thing and I know if I am not distracted by other people’s stuff then whatever I do is me.

  • If you could have one male and one female Celeb to be your sub for the day who would they be?

Actually this is the one question I have no answer to because I don’t really believe in celebrities. I’m not very good with stars, celebs, to put it in an English way, I think its all bollocks.

If I had to pick someone maybe it would be funny to have the King of Belgium, but I am not sure how famous he actually is!

  • What are some of you favourite things to do away from bdsm?


I like to travel and visit places, I like to cook and spend time with people that you really want to spend time with. I can enjoy a glass of wine in the pub or a meal in a really nice restaurant. I am happy with both.

I feel like I have the sort of life where I don’t crave a holiday away from it. After all the years of doing what I’m doing I feel I have created the kind of life that I want, I created my own prefect little world so I don’t feel the need to escape.

JD x x

NOW! That’s what I call BDSM

You know when you have this great ‘idea’ that you get all excited about and are convinced it is your own, only to find out actually you saw a similar thing somewhere else and just forgot about it. Well I had this idea to create a blog post with a list of songs relating to kink, only to find out it had been done before. Mistress Sidonia had done a few posts on her English Mansion blog of different songs relating to different kinks and I had seen one of them a while ago but must have forgotten. By the time I had realised that’s where the idea came from I had already thought of my ‘clever’ title and made my ‘clever’ picture so it was too late to turn back! Im sure Mistress Sidonia wont mind me putting my twist of the same thing…

So to make my list the song had to reflect some part of kink whether thats femdom, crossdressing, CP etc. Also, importantly I had to like the song! (Fair to say Rihanna only just scraped in) Some of these links to kink are far more obvious than others, and some of them will probably be just how I have chosen to interpret the song, but music meanings are always a personal thing so dont expect to like or agree with all 14 songs.

I have added the artist and song title, a lyrics I think helps show why its on the list and because im extra kind I have added the video so you can have a listen and decide for yourself if you agree and especially if the less obvious ones should have have the cut.

So here is the very first NOW! That’s what I call BDSM album.

  • The Naked and Famous – Spank

‘There are specific things
That I have to do
Day to day just to keep it at bay
You wouldn’t believe it if you knew

  • Hozier – Take me to Church

‘She tells me “Worship in the bedroom”
The only heaven I’ll be sent to
Is when I’m alone with you’

  • The Offspring – I want you Bad

‘I want you 
All tattooed
I want you bad
Complete me
Mistreat me
Want you to be bad

  • The kinks – Lola

‘Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola’

  • Depeche Mode – Master and servent

‘Domination’s the name of the game
In bed or in life
They’re both just the same
Except in one you’re fulfilled
At the end of the

  • Velvet Underground – Venus in Furs

‘Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather
Shiny leather in the dark
Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart’

  • Blur – Girls and Boys

‘Girls who are boys
Who like boys to be girls
Who do boys like they’re girls
Who do girls like they’re boys’

  • Madona – Erotica

‘Once you put your hand in the flame
You can never be the same
There’s a certain satisfaction
In a little bit of pain’

  • Nina Simone – I put a Spell on You

‘I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
You’re mine’

  • Goldfrapp – Strict Machine

‘I get high on a buzz, then a rush
When I’m plugged in u
I connect when I’m flush
U get love when told what to do’

  • Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf

‘I would like you on a long black leash
You can bring me all the things I need’

  • Rihanna – S&M

‘Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But chains and whips
Excite me’

  • NIN – Closer

‘You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you, you let me complicate you’

  • Elbow – An Audience with the pope

‘I have an audience with the Pope
And I’m saving the world at eight
But if she says she needs me, she says she needs me
Everybody’s going to have to wait’

If you have reached this far and are thinking ‘how the hell is this song not on the list’ feel free to add a comment and let me know which songs should have been included.

JD x x