Recently i have been told to wear a pair of panties to work this is not something that is completely new to me however it has been a lot more exciting this time.

Before when i used to do this, which was very very rare, i used to wear them under a normal pair of boxers as i was slightly paranoid about them being spotted, however now when ordered they are worn instead of the boxers. I would either be told the night before that i was to wear panties instead of boxers the next day or i would receive a txt telling me the same. The message would either tell me an individual pair to wear or for me to pick one (i enjoy having them picked for me more 🙂 ).

It is exciting to leave the house knowing im wearing them and even more exciting knowing im doing this as an order, throughout the day i am almost constantly reminded by my chastity device and feeling of the underwear against my skin and that im feeling more and more submissive and enjoying every minute of it!

Often i will take a picture and send it to Mistress showing i followed orders and i love the idea of not being able to disobey without Mistress knowing and therefore punishing

JD x x x

A more secure Device

I have been thinking about replacing my cb6000 chastity device for a while now. I first thought about replacing it around christmas time when my cb6000 split down the middle while wearing it, very painful but luckily i still had all the keys at the stage!

After it split i decided i would glue the two parts of the cage together and carry on using this device, this was originally quite successful however, the device itself does not look as good partly due to the glue being slightly visible and partly due to the plastic becoming scratched where i have tried to smooth out the newly formed joint between the two sides of the cage. Apart from these aesthetic issues the device was working fine and was not causing any problems or discomfort that is until very recently.

I recently spend just over a month locked in my cb6000 and found that the device has a slight rough part inside that can cause a slight irritation and reddening of the skin, i also realise this is partly due to me playing with the device while it’s on when i should just be leaving it alone (by partly due i do main 99% of the reason) However this has just added to the thought about me getting a new device and i hope this can happen in the next few weeks/months.

I had been looking at a few different devices, especially metal devices and had heard good things about the chastity devices from Mature metal. I spoke to a few people, did as much reading about it as i could find, and decided the Queens Keep would be the device for me. see link below.


I am kept in chastity atm by Mistress Kyla and Mistress has told me she likes both the look of this device and the fact it can be worn for long periods without becoming uncomfortable. I am both excited and nervous about this next step in chastity for me but am looking forward to being able to upgrade to a made to measure metal device.

I hope to be able to write a blog saying im now the proud owner on a Queens Keeps device soon, watch this space 🙂

JD x x

Drained in more ways than one :)

It started off with me getting undressed and putting my lingerie on, Mistress then helping me into my corset and putting on my blue Alice dress which is my favourite and Mistress Kyla’s favourite so always happy to be wearing it. I was then instructed to kneel down in front on Mistress as she was to do my make up again for me, this time this involved more blue to match the dress. Once the wig was on my ‘look’ was complete and almost instantly i feel more submissive and have even been told i act slightly differently which i can honestly say is not a conscious thing.

Once fully dressed Mistress told me she would like to see the positions i had been taught on my first visit so i stood up and showed position one, after a few minor corrections i went into position two followed by position three (hands and knees on the floor in front of Mistress) I wasnt asked to show position four as expected but instead Mistress left the room to fetch something. I had a very good idea that Mistress had gone to get her ‘slut paddle’ as i remembered her saying previously how she would like to see the word imprinted on me, and within no time at all Mistress returned carrying the paddle and told me wanted to see the red marks spelling out the name on my bum. Im sure most people have seen this paddle before but incase your unsure what i mean here is a link:


unfortunately only the word ‘lut’ was really seen after a few attempts and after Mistress mentioned she might just use a permanent marker instead she switched to her crop and continued to turn my bum a nice shade of red.

Mistress then instructed me to put ankle and wrist cuffs on as she attached a collar round my neck. After a short unplanned break due to a certain two kittens appearing Mistress then attached a lead to my collar and led me into her bedroom. I was very thankful to see Mistress wasnt being too cruel and had laid out two large cushions on the floor and i was told to kneel on the cushions to the side of the bed. My wrists were locked behind my back and my ankles locked and attached to my wrists using a small chain and finally a bit gag was placed in my mouth.

Wrists and ankles tied behind my back, gag in mouth.

I was then left there tied and feeling very helpless and very submissive and very frustrated as Mistress and Mark, her Dom played with each other. After a little while of me being there, very aware of being locked in chastity Mistress said she wanted to play a little bit with her maid, she unlocked my ankles and wrists and removed my gag. My dress was then unzipped and i was told to remove it and stand in front of Mistress. My chastity device was removed and i was told that Mistress wanted to use her strap on. This was something i had never done before but had thought about it often so i couldn’t help but smile a little 🙂 I was asked which size toy i would like and me being a greedy sub i suggested the larger one, however Mistress made the decision to use the smaller one as this was my first time and i was quite happy afterwards that Mistress made that decision!

I was told to get on my hands and knees on the bed as Mistress positioned herself behind me, i was told i could play with myself as Mistress began to fuck me but i found it hard to think about anything else and again this really did make me feel extremely submissive.

Mistress has always left me guessing if i would be allowed an orgasm when i visit and this was no different, however i was extremely happy to be told Mistress thought i had earned the right to orgasm. This happened by me standing by the side of the bed and playing with myself, i was instructed to ask permission before i did cum, which is very hard to do after over a month in chastity,but after receiving permission i was instructed to orgasm into Mistress’s hand and then to lick her hand clean.

After we had finished and had a chat and of course a cup of tea, i headed to bed feeling very tired and drained with a lot of thoughts and feelings running though my head. But again i really enjoyed our session.

JD x x