Spanks of Love

Last week I spent the week up in Blackburn with Ely and had a fantastic week, had lots of fun both kink and none kink. The week went way too quick and im really not lying when I say I did not want to come home on the Friday!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore everyone by blogging about the whole week, plus somethings are just not for blogs. I do want to talk about one of the days though, which was the day we played and dressed up for almost the whole day, my personal favourite day of the week :)

For those that don’t know, Ely has a great big play room/dressing room at her place and we both spend a long time deciding what to wear, some longer than others but im not going to name names ;) .  Ely decided that she would like to see me in my blue Alice dress as it had been a while, so with the addition of all white lingerie and stocking I was actually ready first so then tried to ‘help’ Ely decide what to wear. (Apparently if you suggest latex over and over again it doesn’t mean she will wear it lol) Ely decided on all black. Thigh high boots, black top and jeans and a black corset to complete the all black outfit. She looked amazing! Ely also wore my blond wig which left me to try afew other colours. Its very rare to see me in anything but the long blonde wig, but I picked a shorter brunette wig which I now really like and want to buy my own now! I have decided I should experiment more with wigs now!

Once dressed the first thing Ely picked up was some rope, now this always puts a huge smile on my face so when Ely told me to put my wrists together and hold my hands out in front of me, I was almost doing it before she even opened her mouth! My wrist were then tied and I was gagged with a ball gag, which I also love (running theme throughout the day).

I found out just how much Ely likes someone gagged and after a while drooling from the gag, which did happen. One of my favourite parts of the whole week with Ely was seeing her physically light up at the sight of me on my knees in front of her, tied and gagged and very happily under her control, it was at that stage that I didn’t want this to stop. Also being told how cute I looked helped as well!

While I was still gagged and tied Ely decided this would be a good time to try a bit of anal play with a mixture of my own toys (yes I have a few) and Ely’s toys. Having been in chastity a long time at this stage, all im going to say is I really wanted this! We then did something I have wanted to do for a long time with Ely and that was strap on. Its safe to say im not very experienced with this but I hope this was the first of many times. Hint hint Ely if your reading!

We then took a little break but the fun wasn’t over for the night as we were back in the play room not long after and Ely had her cane in hand. I had said earlier how I would like to go home with a few bruises and Ely was only too happy to help there. Now I have said this before but I will say it again, im a bit of a wimp with the cane, and Ely knows this. She also knows im a bit out of practice with it but she knows better than anyone how far to push me. I think she did push me a little with this caning and looking back im very glad she did, the feeling after a caning is almost incomparable, its something I really am starting to love.

The feeling after this caning was incredible.

Ely didn’t disappoint on the bruises front either, got some very nice stripes on my bum from two different canes that were used, plus I got 12 hits with the back of a hairbrush which gave my favourite bruise ever, a cute heart shaped on my left cheek :)

Oh and I got let out of chastity as well!!

JD x x

Trip up North

Last weekend I had a long overdue trip up north to Blackburn to see Ely. It had been quite a while since we had seen each other so I  was quite excited to go spend the weekend with her (and Domm). I drove up on Friday and arrived in the evening, after a quick tour of Ely’s new place we were quickly off to go have a cuppa round Ely’s mums. I met all her family and all were very nice although I have to say knowing they knew a lot about Jessica and kink did make me a little uncomfortable to begin with as that is something that is very new to me, but it didn’t take long until I was feeling a lot more comfortable.

Most of the weekend was me and Ely hanging out etc which as it had been a while was great, but on the Saturday evening we got to have a little play and abit of dressing which obviously is something I always enjoy. Ely also gave me a little gift which was a hand made anklet saying ‘slut’ which I liked a lot and apparently suits we quite well, I don’t know what shes trying to say there……. So we both got dressed up, me in my blue and white polka dot dress, white corset and black heels, along with the gift from Ely, and Ely in her thigh high leather boots.

Ely then decided it was time to lock me up and told me to put my chastity device on. Once I was locked up and Ely had the keys Ely wanted me to thank her and this thank you should be in the form of boot worship. I’m a big fan of boots so was more than happy to oblige!  It was also the first time I had done this with Ely and loved it and ended up doing it for quite a while! That evening I also gave Ely a back rub/massage and its safe to say I might need to work my technique here, but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

 The next day Ely decided she would give me another gift to go home with, a nice red bum. So a couple of hours before I was due to head home I was over Ely’s knee and Ely was turning my bum a nice shade of red. Once we had gone through afew items it was then time to try turning that red colour into more of a purple with the use of the cane.

It has been a long time since I have felt the cane and I noticed this fact straight away as it felt like it hurt a lot more then previous times but Ely said I did well so im happy. I love the marks that spanking/caning etc leaves, but unfortunately the cane didn’t leave many marks and the ones it did were pretty much gone the next day. Ely has said she will correct this next time which im both nervous and excited about in equal measure! I very good start to what I think is going to be a very exciting year!


JD x x

My Year 2013 Jul-Dec

This is following on form the last post ‘My Year 2013 Jan-Jun‘ with the second half of the year starting from July.


  • Camden Crunch – In July I went to the Camden crunch for the first time and had a really good night. This was the first time I had been to any sort of munch before but had been told before hand that the crunch was slightly different, more like half munch have club, but either way it was a lot of fun and I got to meet more people. I remember it was incredibly hot on the day and me and Ely arrived relatively early and only Kash and Miss Kitty Bliss were there. I was locked in chastity for Ely at the time and there was a lot of teasing which im sure Ely took great delight in telling people I was looked up. Ely even gave the key to Miss Kitty Bliss for most of the night and only got it back the morning after. I also remember Miss Kitty Bliss enjoyed a bit of teasing as well! Very very hot!! This was also the night of emergency gin which was very funny, we aslo all went round to a party after the crunch which was a lot of fun. I did wake up with a little bit of a head ache the next morning (I blame the gin there) but having coffee made for me by two Mistress’s while I was still in bed, that kind of made up for it!! :P
  • Pedestal 3rd visit – In July I also went to Club Pedestal again for the third time, I wanted to mention this because this was actually my favourite night at pedestal. I got to meet a few other people but most importantly this was the first time where I felt comfortable enough to actually meet and chat with others who I had met before, I didn’t have to rely so much on Ely introducing me etc, it felt quite good. Oh and also I got to wear latex out for the first time!


  • Chastity – August marked the end of mine and Ely’s first real chastity play when I was ‘in chastity’ for a month. At this time me and Ely had spoken about chastity before and I know Ely is a big fan but until August we hadn’t really done much in terms of chastity. The month was a mixture of the device with a metal lock, a plastic lock and no device at all, all of which had the same basic rule of no playing and all all had the same effect, which meant a month without orgasm. The month was a lot of fun and I still find it amazing and really interesting what chastity can do to me in terms of feelings in general and submissive feelings. I do think though the hardest part of this month was the lines between friendship and Domme/sub stuff between me and Ely, I know it crossed my mind a lot and im pretty sure it was the same for Ely. However saying that my curiosity with chastity hasn’t gone away and it is still something I will continue to push in 2014 im sure.


  • Rope and Spanking with a Friend – In September I went to catch up with an friend who I have played with afew times before in 2012 and we caught up abit over tea then we got to have a bit of a play as well which was a lot of fun. She is a switch but has always been Domme to me, and like me liked rope play a lot, so when we played that was the first thing we did. We played around with a few ties including a dragon sleeve type thing with my arms behind my back and a rope type corset which felt amazing, and left some very nice marks on me after. After the rope play we did abit of spanking using afew things, my favourite being a simple wooden spoon. Again this left some really good marks on me which is something I do like a lot. I was again in chastity at this time and Ely and her had spoken to each other before my visit, I know chastity was something she enjoyed and there was a lot of teasing inbetween the spanking, and at one point I actually whimpered from frustration, that’s never happened to me before! This was a very fun afternoon and one im a a little sad couldn’t be repeated again.
  • The adventures of Jessica Dee Part 1 – I also wanted to include this post as it was one of my favourites from the last year. It was a lot of fun making and it was very different to any of my other posts, hopefully will do more similar sort of things in the future.


  • A big thank you – October was a very quiet month for me kink wise but I did write a blog post in October that was very important to me, it was saying a big thank you to Ely. As you might have noticed if you have read through the previous post and this one, a lot of the things I did this year involved Ely and I don’t think would have happened without her. So once again Thank you Ely! x


  • Photo shoot with Miss Kitty Bliss – In November I got the chance to go do a photo shoot with Miss Kitty Bliss in her dungeon in London. I was asked about this first by Miss Kitty Bliss earlier in the summer and I ofcourse said yes, then it was just a matter of finding a time when we could do it. We did a few pictures of me on my own to start with which is something I was less comfortable with to start with but after a little while did enjoy more and more. Then the really fun part was the pics with Miss Kitty Bliss. We did some caning, boot worship, lots of rope and afew other things. I have always been a big fan of Miss Kitty Bliss so this was a real pleasure to be able to do some pictures with her and have seen afew of the pictures pop up on her facebook profile and website does make me smile.

Sanctum outfit

  • Sanctum – I also got to go to another fetish night with Miss Kitty Bliss after the photo shoot and this was the first time I had been to a smaller more intimate type club. I had a great night and was tied up again more than once by Miss Kitty Bliss, my favourite part of the night had to be hearing ‘I think I want to hog tied Jess’ coming from Miss Kitty Bliss, you should have seen the huge grin on my face! I really enjoyed being tied at the club and I have to say Miss Kitty Bliss is very good at it, it really did feel amazing. Another highlight was seeing Goddess Cleo and Miss Kitty Bliss giving a double caning, I could tell they have done that together a few times before, next time I hope to do more than just watch! Also, because this was a smaller club if gave me more of a chance to chat to afew other people who have similar experiences and interests which is something I don’t get to do that often, so that is always nice, plus I got a spanking from Goddess Cleo to end the night so it was a very good night all round!
  • English mansion clip on website – The other very exciting thing that happened in November was that the video that was done from my first visit to the English Mansion with Lady Nina Birch was added to the site. I didn’t know this was going to happen so was abit of a surprise to see my face there when I opened up the site one day, but a very nice surprise I have to say. Watching the video clips was very surreal for me but it did bring back some very good memories of the day even if I do find it a little cringy to watch myself on camera. It did really make me want to go back to do it again though and I think the clips look great, even if I do say so myself haha.



  • Confusion and doubts – It does seem a bit of a shame to end the year on a bit of a down point but that’s kind of just how it ended up really. I was/am going through a lot of doubts and confusion about my submissive side and how I fit in to things and how I really see myself. I’m not going to repeat them again here though as I only wrote that post a few weeks ago.

Well that was my 2013 and I have to say overall what a year I have had, going back and writing these last two blog posts has made me realise I have been able to do some amazing and exciting things. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me a long the way!!

Lets hope the fun continues into 2014!

JD x x

My Year 2013 Jan-Jun

I cant claim this sort of thing is an original idea but im going to do it anyway. This is a blog post all about my last year, looking back over the last year and at a few of the things I have done and some of the real highlights. I feel like this was a very good year for me,  a year I got so much more involved in kink and bdsm and managed to experience some of the things I had been wanting to for a long time and meet some incredible people.  I have decided the easiest way to do this was month by month and I have split it into two posts of 6 months each. Also the other big bonus of this sort of blog is if your feeling lazy or just cant be arsed to go back to read old post blogs then just read the review of the year posts and that’s the whole of 2013 covered!


  • Vintage Crossdressing pics – In January last year I was given afew of the pictures from the sets that were taken when I went to see Lady Annabelle for I visited in Nov 12 but it wasn’t till January I was able to get the pics together and add them on the blog. It was a lot of fun going down the do the filming and this was my first ever filming or photo shoot type of thing I had ever done, I also kind of see this as a huge step I took to becoming more involved in bdsm and kink in general. Also I think doing this filming helped me to do the filming for English mansion!


  • Meeting Ely – Without a doubt this was the single most important thing that happened this year and my number one favourite thing that happened to me. Me and Ely had been chatting for a while before meeting, and its safe to say I wanted to meet her from about September the year before when we first chatted on Fetlife. I knew my irresistible charm and lovable personally would mean Ely would agree eventually…! We had planned to do an interview type blog post ,with me ‘interviewing’ Ely, and in February we planned an afternoon for me to go over and ask afew questions. I don’t think either of us realised this would be the first of many many visits and soon me and Ely became good friends (as well as having lots of kink fun along the way). Almost a year later and now we are really good friends, which is lucky for her as she is stuck with me now mwhahah!
  • Blog was one year old – Also worth a mention the blog turned 1 year old in Feb, something else I didnt think would happen when I started it!


  • Night out at Club Pedestal for the first time – In March I went to my first fetish night out in London. I went to Club Pedestal with Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza. This was also the first time I met Annalieza and very glad to say not the last as shes a lot of fun and someone who seems happy to give advice whenever asked, and put the two ladies together and its always a lot of fun! I do remember being incredibly nervous about going out dressed and when I arrived it was a lot to take in as I had never been to a fetish club of that size before, was a bit of an eye opener to say the least. This is also the first time I met Miss Kitty Bliss. shortly after arriving in the club, getting a tap on the shoulder and asking me if I was Jessica Dee, turning round and seeing it was Miss Kitty Bliss. This put my nerves at ease and although it was only a small thing, I think it helped me a lot. Again very glad to say this wasn’t the last time I met Miss Kitty Bliss either :) I had forgotten until I read back over the old blog posts after writing this one, that I had only visited Ely twice before going to Pedestal with her, I think the nerves were allowed!
  • So are you dressed right now? – Also wanted to mention this post as its one of my favourites that I have ever written and still feel people should read it.


  • First Visit to The English Mansion – This has to be one of the other huge highlights of the year for me as I was asked if i would like to come and do a little bit of filming for the English Mansion. Its actually came a little bit out of the blue, and when I was asked I was actually very close to saying no (very naive then haha) I think if i had said no then I would still be regretting it now! It was really Ely that talked some sense in to me and helped me realise it would be foolish of me to not go. Needless to say, when I got there I absolutely loved it. Yes I was incredibly nervous but I met Dominant Dolly, Lady Nina Birch and Mistress Sidonia who all really made me feel very at ease. I don’t know if i have ever been so nervous when I arrived that day, but I had a huge amount of fun and of the pictures taken with Lady Nina Birch are up there with my favourite ever pics of me as Jess. This whole day was a massive confidence boost for me as well.


  •  My favourite play session of the year –  I always had my doubts about ‘sub space’ and exactly what it was but I would say this was the closest I have ever got to experiencing it, or at least what I think it is. This happened when playing with Ely in May. This session included dressing up for pics, OTK spanking, caning, rope play, claws. It was really the first time I realised that rope play is probably my favourite type of play and the mixture of all the different types of play we did that day really made me feel good. There was a real feeling of happiness and relaxation afterwards as well, so much so that I fell asleep! The fact it was just an afternoon playing with just me and Ely, no camera, know one else there and both of us having fun, that combination makes it very memorable for me.
  • Party at Miss Cate’s – The other thing that was a lot of fun in May was going to a small party at Miss Cate’s with Governess Ely and a few others. I got a meet a few other Dommes and subs which is always good. I arrived late as I was in work and didn’t get changed for a little while once there. When I did change there was a few ‘You look better in girl mode’ ‘you should spend more time in girl mode’ comments, Ely has reminded me of these afew times since and im still not sure how much of a compliment they really are!!


  • Return to English Mansion – I knew as soon as I got home from my first visit to The English Mansion that I wanted to go back again, and I was very lucky to have a chance to do so only a couple of months later, and to do so with Ely was fantastic. I knew how excited Ely was about doing filming for the site so to be able to do that with her was something I really liked. I got to dress up outside on a gorgeous sunny day, I got to chat with Mistress Sidonia and Dominant Dolly again, and I got to see a huge beaming smile on Ely’s face both during and after the whole day. Plus I got to dress up on camera and have people tell me I looked pretty, which by this stage I had worked out I might enjoy just a little bit….. So this was another one of my biggest highlights of the year. (Just don’t mention punishment pants!!)

JD x x


Last Saturday I had my first night out at a fetish club for some time, and I have to say it just reminded how much I enjoy it and I already cant wait to go back again. The club was called Sanctum and is run by Miss Kitty Bliss, Its a members only club night in London and I was lucky enough to be in the position where I was already with Miss Kitty Bliss having done some photos during the day so was able to go to the club with her and Kash (Kash R-Photography) straight from her place.

We arrived at the club early as there was a little bit of setting up to do, but as there was nothing I could really help with, I had a chance to have a quick look round. Now I havn’t been to many fetish clubs or nights out so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. My main experience of any sort of fetish night is club Pedestal which is a huge club with 100s of people and I knew this would be smaller, more intimate. The club was very different to Pedestal with a small main room and bar as well as afew other darker, even naughtier rooms ;)  (unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of these) I quickly realised that I liked the smaller venue and felt very relaxed very quickly.

Not long after arriving I was getting changed into my outfit for the night which consisted of one of my new dresses (number 4 from my previous blog),  with a white corset over the top and a pair of plain black heels, which actually spent more time off my feet than on during the night, I must be out of practice!

Sanctum outfit I had a great night and one thing I do really like about going out to clubs is it gives me a chance to meet and talk to others who are interested in the same, or at least similar things to me. I quite often end up talking about past experiences and its always nice to hear that other people have gone through a very similar thing a myself :). The smaller size of the club and the intimacy of it meant I was able to chat with afew people I had seen out at places like Pedestal and Camden crunch but never said hello to before until now, that is something I did enjoy.

Saying that, without a doubt my favourite part of most nights is the play and this was no exception with more rope play with Miss Kitty Bliss and a spanking from Goddess Cleo. The rope happened twice throughout the night and I had been tied up for some of the photos we did earlier in the day so was very lucky to have three ties done on me throughout the day :)

The first tie in the club was similar to the one done for the pictures and involved my hands and arms tied together in front of me and then a sort of body harness made of rope being recreated with my arms then being tied under my legs as I kneeled on the floor (sorry that is a terrible description and doesn’t do it justice so you will have to use your imagination) Miss Kitty then added a blindfold and gag made of rope, which I don’t think managed to hide the fact I had a big smile on my face at this stage :)

A little later in the night I knew I was about to be tied  again when I heard Miss Kitty say ‘I think I want to hogtie Jess’ and then looked over at me, now at this stage there was no hiding the fact my face had lit up with a huge smile :)

I was hogtied in the middle of the room and I don’t know if people were watching or not but to be honest, I kinda like the idea that they might have been. Turns out im pretty sure I enjoy playing in public! Haha

Its hard to actually put into words how I felt when I was hogtied for the second tie of the night, its a feeling that has only ever happened afew times with me. Its hard to explain but I will give it go! Its a feeling of real happiness, real content and almost complete relaxation, at the time I just don’t want it to end and thinking about it as I type this is still making me smile now! Needless to say I loved every second!

My view when tied

My view when tied

What added to it even more was being blindfolded by the rope for both ties. I could just see out the bottom of the blindfold which meant my view consisted of Miss Kitty’s boots walking around me as I was being tied and it really made me try to listen to the sound of heels on the wooden floor much more intently, straining to hear when I thought they had stopped, trying to work out where she was or even if she was still there. (pretty sure she did that deliberately to keep me wondering what will happen next!).

To be honest I didn’t know Miss Kitty Bliss was into rope before, let alone know how talented she was with a bit of rope in her hands, but having experienced it first hand now I just hope that that won’t be the last time.

When it came to me being untied I was a little disappointed as I could have happily stayed like that all night but it tuned out even this felt really good. The rope slowly being untied and running across me especially against my tights, that felt amazing and I sure Miss Kitty Bliss did that extra slowly :) When I was fully untied all I wanted to do was start all over again.

But the night wasn’t just about rope lol. Something else that I enjoyed being able to see was Miss Kitty Bliss and Goddess Cleo in action together, especially when they were giving a double caning. Both in perfect time to the music and with each other. They also seemed to know when each other was about to stop every time, its almost like they had done it before together…. ;) If I wasn’t such a wimp with the cane I probably would have asked to do more than watch, but there is always next time :)

Another thing that really impressed me during the night was when a couple decide to play with some bull whips, I didn’t catch their names but one was tied up while the other was using the whip behind them, making it crack just before it would have hit skin. In the small room and low lighting I don’t think I was the only one that was impressed, everyone in the room stopped to watch this at some point.

Right at the end of the night I thought my play for the night was over and Goddess Cleo was getting ready to go home but then realised I hadn’t had any form of spanking or caning during the night and that just wasn’t on. I didn’t have to be told twice to get over Goddess Cleo’s knee and it wasn’t long before I was enjoying a spanking to end the night. Again this is something I hope I can do again sometime  soon with Goddess Cleo (but apparently I have been accused of being a little greedy before and this might be another case of that lol) I live in hope!

After everyone else had headed home we headed back to Kash’s as they had kindly let me crash for the night (big thank you for that btw) We had a quick look over the pictures from earlier in the day and I went to bed very happy that night :)

JD x x

Return to English Mansion

As soon as I left the English Mansion after my first visit I knew straight away that I would love to go back and visit again some time, but I have to be honest, I didn’t know if it would actually happen, let alone that it would happen so soon :)

I found out there was a possibility of me going again when Governess Ely received an email from Mistress Sidonia afew weeks ago, asking her if she would like to come and do some filming for the site. Governess Ely ofcourse said yes, and said to me even if I wasn’t needed for filming, that I would still be coming along. It was only really the week before we visited that I was pretty sure I would needed for a film. This lead me to the first, most obvious question, what will i wear! :)

I think its safe to say that we went for the tactic of its better to be safe than sorry with the amount of clothes we took, I ended up bringing pretty much all of my clothes (which turns out can still fit into one case, which means I clearly don’t own enough. Shopping needed!), and Governess Ely took about 6 different outfits, which I was more than happy to help plan the night before.

We woke up relatively early the morning of the filming and I was already starting to get excited about the day ahead by the time my alarm had finished going off. I knew that filming with Governess Ely for English Mansion could be an amazing experience and something I really wanted to do, so you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the excitement, (and for once only a small amount of nerves) was growing quite quickly as me Governess Ely and jingles got closer and closer to English mansion.

We arrived at the house in beautiful sunny weather and were greeted by Mistress Sidonia and the rest of the Mansion crew, we all said our hellos and introductions were made and headed inside for a coffee, shortly after Roy the camera man for English mansion arrived and everyone was introduced. I think it was about this time that Mistress Sidonia and Governess Ely disappeared for a short while to talk about what type of scenes we would be filming today, and I can only assume to discuss some secret Mistress business……

It turned out we would be doing three scenes and just like my last visit, I would be involved in just one, the middle scene. The plan was that that Mistress Sidonia would help decide what I would wear and get me ready as the first scene was filmed. At this stage I was definitely so much more relaxed compared to my last visit and I honestly don’t remember feeling nervous at all at this stage, which is a huge contrast from my first visit! So I helped myself to a can of coke (first on many of the day, just an added bonus about visit English Mansion haha) and chatted with everyone else while Governess Ely got ready.

The first scene involved a bit of role play where Governess Ely was in an office scenario and she had caught jingles stealing money from her. This ended up in abit of CP being given which lead to him being caught in a pair of red panties and humiliated further for it. I didnt see this scene being filmed but I saw the setting up and I saw how good Ely looked, so I cant wait to see how it turned out. Also the office/female boss scenario and being caught and ‘forced’ to dress. That is a big fantasy of mine so im hoping Governess Ely might feel the need to recreate parts of this scene in the future, I can live in hope!


Next was my scene with Governess Ely :)

The getting ready for filming starts with Mistress Sidonia doing my make up, which I have to say, I kind of enjoy that part! Mistress decided on a purple colour for my eyes, which was a first, along with set of quite large false eye lashes, which take me a little while to get used to. Once the rest of the make up was done Mistress Sidonia and myself decided I was to wear my full white lingerie set, with white under bust, black hold ups and heels, as well as my black and white maids dress. The scene was to be filmed outside which i was quite excited about as I had ever really dressed outside during daylight, let alone had my picture taken! Once we were all set up the start of my scene involved me in just my lingerie and is all about Governess Ely feminising me, I know, lives so hard sometimes….!

The feminisation involved some corset tightening, hair brushing, teaching me to walk in heels, nipple play and general inspection of how I look with the maids dress on and with my chastity device on.

The learning to walk correctly in heels involved me having to balance a book on my head while walking in heels, outside in the wind, on grass. I was doomed to failure, but I think that might have been the point! Each time I dropped it resulted in extra spanks and I honestly resisted the urge to drop it deliberately to gain more spanks, I promise :)

The hardest part of the scene for me was the nipple play, we used a device I later found out was called ‘Tower of pain’ which involves clover clamps and a screw and bar which can pull the clamps and hold them in place. Anyway it turns out nipple play hurts more if you have smaller nipples and I have very small nipples. Therefore, the device kept slipping off and that hurt a lot. But as Sidonia told me, I only have myself yo blame for having such small nipples!

The end of the scene involved me having afew punishments, one being spanking and another having to wear ‘Punishment pants’ but if you want to know more about them you will have to look at the English Mansion website. Lets just say I was less than keen to wear them and no pictures of them will ever appear on this blog haha!

I really did enjoy doing the whole scene and being able to film with Governess Ely was incredible, loved every minute!

The third scene was another outside scene, this time with Governess Ely and jingles. This was Governess Ely at her super strict best and I got to watch the whole scene as they walked around the English Mansion gardens. It is a different side of Governess Ely I don’t really see when we play, but I really enjoyed having a chance to see her in action but also to see jingles in action. I was impressed with both and I though it showed how well they know each other, and how much they both were enjoying it! This scene involved a lot and was longer than the other two, there was a mixture of caning, whipping, caging, jingles being lead round on a lead, ashtray training and nettle play, plus much more! I think this was actually my favourite scene of the day (shock I know, as I wasn’t in it), but I think the combination of the two of them knowing each other in play so well and the enjoyment of both, really showed and I really cant wait to see this on when its up on the site.

After the third scene we had to pack up pretty quickly as Governess Ely had a party to get to in Reading that evening, no rest for these Dommes!! So we heading off after saying our Goodbyes and I think everyone in the car was on a massive high from all the days events.

It was another really enjoyable day at the English Mansion and really was a lot of fun being able to see Mistress Sidonia,  and everyone else again. I really hope I can do so again in the not too distant future, thank you for such a great day!

JD x x

Club Pedestal – 2nd visit

I cant believe how quickly it came round  but it was that time again, time for another night at club Pedestal :)

This time there were a lot less nerves and a lot more excitement, mainly because I had been before and kind of knew what to expect but also because in the two months between the last Pedestal and this one, my confidence has increased quite a bit.

Unfortunately I had planned to wear a whole new outfit but it didn’t quite work out and didn’t look right so instead I ended up wearing the new, all white lingerie set I had got for the new outfit, complete with stockings and under bust and my black and white maids dress.

Anyway me, Ely and her slave jingles were setting off from maidenhead to meet Miss Annalieza in a hotel in London to get ready for the night, so we loaded up the three suitcases we were bringing (traveling light this time) and set off for London. I have to say my sat nav on my phone does not get on with London , I did end up giving Ely and jingles the accidental mini tour of the sights of London, which im sure both of them loved!!

After getting a little lost and then driving up and down the same road afew times and a little help from Annalieza we found the place and headed upstairs to get ready. For me this consisted of putting on my stockings, underwear, under bust and bra and doing my basic make up. Then putting on my jeans, t shirt and trainers and putting my heels, dress and wig into a bag to then put on once at the club. Now that sounds very simple and on paper shouldn’t take long…wish i could say that was true. It always takes longer than it should really, largely due to me pausing to take a drink every couple of minutes. I think we arrived about 10pm and after afew last minute changes of what to wear it was about 12 when we were all ready and waiting downstairs for a taxi. Rather than explaining what Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza were wearing its easier to just show a pic, and yes I know what your thinking, they both do look stunning!

Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza outfits for pedestal

Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza outfits for pedestal

When we arrived at the club I can safely say I didn’t have the huge amount of nerves that I had last time, I was just more excited about getting inside and seeing everyone and everything again. I do feel slightly odd going into the club in what looks like only a t shirt, jeans and trainers and cant help but smile when I get asked if I have something else to wear. Also I had to laugh when I was patted down by the female security on the door when she had a slight pause after feeling my bra/breasts (i do remember thinking, highlight of the night so far haha).

Once everyone (mainly me) had their outfits sorted downstairs we headed up the stairs to the main club. Its still very obvious to me when Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza enter a room people notice, stop and have a look. This happened throughout the night and every time I couldn’t help but smile and think, yep im with them :).

The night largely consisted of spending time chatting in the main room and heading out to the smoking area and chatting out there. Now I still don’t know many people within the scene so its always nice to be able to have a friendly hello from people and was very happy to be able to say hi to afew similar faces. However, I also was not able to chat with others as much as I would have liked, but there is always next time! The same definitely cannot be said for Ely and Annalieza as they know a lot of people that go to the club, and a lot of subs want to be able to have the chance to say hello and to serve in some way. So they get approached all the time, at some stages its almost like I look away for a few minutes then look back and there is a different sub worshiping their feet. Also jingles has been around long enough to have made afew friends and he knows some of the Mistress’s quite well. I’m pretty sure one of the highlights of the night for him was when we were out in the smoking area, he was on his knees in front of Governess Ely and she was using him as an ashtray. Within a few minutes afew other Dommes had joined them and had basically formed a circle around him with him in the middle. There was Miss Sarah Jessica, Lady Sophia Black, Miss Kitty Bliss, Miss Annalieza and Governess Ely, all using him as ashtray and blowing smoke in his face. I don’t have a smoking fetish but at one point when Miss Kitty Bliss and Governess Ely blow smoke right into his mouth, I came pretty close to starting one!

Later on in the night we got to see Lady Sophia Black in action. She had a whip in each hand and was whipping a sub against the trampling cage at a pretty fast pace, one arm after the other. I remember thinking not only how impressed I was with Lady Sophia Black and how much I enjoyed seeing that happen in person, but also how impressed I was with the sub for having it done without even flinching! It did make me laugh that just after the whipping Miss Annalieza gave him a light hit in the balls and he stormed off saying not to do that. I found it amazing he could take the whipping for so long but not the light ball busting (personally though I wouldn’t want either so I cant really talk!)

My personal highlight of the night came near the end of the night. It was a spanking from Miss Annalieza followed by a caning From Governess Ely and Miss Annalieza. It was the first time I had had any play with Miss Annalieza and I loved the spanking. I think having a bruise on her hands stopped her from going too hard on me, which i think is a good thing. Once the spanking was over Governess Ely wanted to play with the cane and told me to stand up again a big pyramid type A frame in the centre of the room. Its safe to say im learning to love to cane and I don’t have that huge fear of it that I used to, its more of a regular fear now lol. I really enjoyed the caning from Governess Ely especially in the short gaps between canes when she comes up between me and whispers in my ear how well im doing.  After Governess Ely was finished she said Annalieza might like a turn and told me to take the cane in my mouth and crawl over to her and offer her the cane. I’m glad to say she accepted it and told me to get back up against the A frame as she walked behind me, Governess Ely then walked in front of me and stood in the middle of the pyramid A frame. Governess Ely was talking to me the whole time Miss Annalieza caning me, telling me how much she liked to see me taking the cane and how much it pleased her. This turned out to be the hardest caning I have had so far, but i didn’t want it to end, partly because I knew we were being watched (yeah I admit it, i like that) but mainly because Governess Ely was standing so close to me, looking me in the eyes and telling me how well I was doing and how much she was enjoying it. Basically what i am saying is, it was fucking hot! haha

Here is a next day picture of my bum, with all the pretty bruises coming up. (one ones on the back of the legs were the ones that hurt like hell)

Pedestal caning bruises

Pedestal caning bruises

Lets see, what else happened. Oh yeah, Miss Annalieza face slapped a sub and gave him a bleeding nose and he loved it. Governess Ely seems to like the fact that a guy offered to buy me a drink. (I said no thank you, in case you were wondering). Miss Annalieza thought it was funny to motor boat me but less funny when I offered to do it back. Oh and there was cake at some point to!

We got back to our hotel at about 5/5:30 and all round it was another really good night out at club Pedestal

JD x x